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Pilates, although having been around for many years has encountered an outpouring number of individuals new to the routine. The breathing techniques and graceful movements paired with promising results are inviting to a lot of people. There are various types of equipment that come with different forms of Pilates workouts. 

Pilates’ before and after results can also vary depending on the individual, body type, and other factors, such as diet and dedicated time. Not acquiring your desired results with Pilates before and after 1 month or 3 months should not discourage your efforts. The use of different Pilates accessories can be employed for added benefits during workouts. Below are 9 home workout accessories for the best Pilates before and after results.

Ankle Weights

Challenging your workout routines with added weight can be great when progressing through your routine. You can place extra focus on your hip and leg muscles by adding ankle weights during your Pilates workout.


This is not specific to a Pilates routine, but it is a great tool that can aid you during workouts. A workout calendar allows you to plan your routines ahead of time and dedicate each day to a specific body part. You can customize your own or obtain a free guide online based on your needs.


Adding weights to your routine adds a challenge and pushes your muscles to work harder. Alignment and posture are important components of Pilates; therefore, the addition of weights should not take away from core strengthening and control. Hand weights for Pilates are typically between 1-5 pounds.

Exercise Balls

Pilates requires control and stability. An exercise ball can serve different purposes during your Pilates workout. It is a great addition during those core-strengthening moves and can also act as a balancing tool during your workouts. The use of an exercise ball can improve your posture and help you maintain proper form during your Pilates workouts.

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is a tool that assumes a cylindrical form often used for tension relief and lengthening. Due to this benefit, it can serve for stretching as well as workout purposes. It can also be used to provide added support and stability in Pilates exercises. You can expect a difference in your Pilates posture before and after the use of a foam roller.


Starting a new workout routine can be mentally challenging. Having a set of healthy goals can encourage determination and balance. For some, those goals can be physical, while others may have more personal reasons, such as body awareness.

For those who have physical goals, taking Pilates before and after pictures and adding them to your journal can be a great motivator. Regardless of your reasons, your Pilates body transformation should start inward. A journal can act as an outlet and encourage you. To read more concerning journals, here are 9 reasons why you should invest in a fitness journal.

Looped Resistance Bands

As the name indicates, these bands are utilized for the resistance they provide. Aside from that, resistance bands can help with form improvement during your Pilates routines. These bands are also great for strengthening.


Pilates involves control and movements performed with precision. A Pilates mat is designed to support your movements and provide the support your body needs, which is why they are cushioned and thicker in size.  The proper Pilates mat can be crucial to your workout.

Pilates Ring

The Pilates ring is a tool that can add resistance to your workouts and help in toning and muscle definition. It can also provide stability while working on different muscles of your body. It is efficient for both upper and lower-body Pilates workouts.