Tidying your space daily can feel impossible, especially with a busy schedule. However, having a cleaning technique in place can simplify things. The right system will help you seamlessly incorporate cleaning into your life so it doesn’t always feel like a chore.

The first step to adopting a good technique is to have a motivating cleaning mantra. Getting in the right mindset before tackling different cleaning tasks is an excellent way to foster good cleaning habits.

Before reading the cleaning methods and procedures detailed below, think about your cleaning mantra. Write it down and use it as an inspiration whenever you need to clean. Now, let’s explore these simple cleaning technique and tips for a cleaner home.

Best Cleaning Techniques for Your Space

|Decluttering is your best friend

This isn’t one of those house-cleaning secrets you’re unaware of, but it is time-consuming and often overlooked. It is tedious; however, this cleaning technique will change your home’s appearance and help you become more intentional.

Decluttering keeps your space mess-free. This technique encourages cleaning because you have more free space to work around, so things don’t feel overwhelming. Additionally, decluttering has long-term benefits, as it helps you save money and time.

|New in, old out cleaning technique

One of the best home cleaning techniques is keeping up with the order of things when you purchase new items.

Make it a habit to re-organize spaces in which you add something new. For instance, when you buy new clothes, take the time to go through your closet and see if there’s anything you can donate or sell. When you buy groceries, check your pantry and refrigerator for expired or expiring food items so you can rotate or get rid of them. This is also a good time to clean these spaces to stay organized and eliminate unwanted smells. If you do a weekly grocery run, you’re cleaning and reorganizing your fridge every week, so your food stays fresh, and there’s one less thing on your cleaning schedule.

|The laundry folding board technique

Often, the problem isn’t doing laundry but what comes afterward –the folding, ironing, and the organizing. To avoid accumulating clothes after laundry day, fold them as soon as they come out of the dryer.

To make this step even easier, have a designated area with different things, such as a folding board and an iron. A space specifically designed to fold and iron your clothes can help you focus better without feeling overwhelmed. The folding board technique helps you fold clothes quickly while maintaining the same neat structure with each piece of clothing.

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|Go digital with your papers

How is going digital a cleaning technique exactly? An aspect of cleaning is organizing, so sorting through your papers and keeping digital copies can free up a lot of space.

Sometimes, you’re unsure whether your mail or receipts will be needed one day, so you just set them aside until things pile up. To prevent this, sort your mails as soon as you bring them in and your receipts each time you purchase something. If you feel it is important, scan it into your drive. If it is not important, get rid of it immediately.

This cleaning technique keeps you organized, so you don’t have hundreds of papers to go through when it is time to clean. Also, try to go back into your drive monthly to see if the things you thought were important are needed so you can also reduce digital clutter.

|The timer-cleaning technique

Setting a timer before you clean can help you in many ways. It makes cleaning a fun activity if you have a lot of people in your home that can make this a challenge. For distracted cleaners, this technique helps you stay focused.

The timer helps you dedicate time to specific tasks so you’re not overwhelmed by the overall space. Also, there’s a sense of accomplishment when you finish something in the time you set for yourself.

|Clean before you leave the house

This sounds crazy because you have a lot going on in the morning, and no amount of cleaning hacks can help you clean your space before you leave the house each morning. What if you could, though?

The trick here is to focus on high-traffic areas of your home. Dedicate 10 minutes before you leave the house to make your bed, fluff your couch pillows, and put your dried plates away. Choose 2-3 things you want to focus on before leaving the house so you return to a cleaner home.

Tip: When you go on vacation, deep clean the house beforehand, so when you come back, you’re not overwhelmed with unpacking and re-organizing.

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|Get a refresh with a microfiber towel

The versatility of microfiber towels makes them great cleaning companions. When giving your home a quick refresh, you can go over appliances with a dry microfiber towel.

Wipe down your appliances and decorative item with a microfiber cloth between your cleaning days to maintain the shine. This way, you can keep your space in the best shape possible each day of the week.  

|Mop in the direction of your floor pattern

When you clean, you want to be left with efficient results for all your hard work. Residue and streaking are not invited to the post-cleaning party.

The direction in which you mop matters for reasons other than the finished look. It ensures that you’re not spreading dirt around while cleaning. Observe the patterns of your floors and mop accordingly with the grain.


Cleaning isn’t the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they want to do something fun. It takes a lot of energy, can be repetitive, and sometimes highly time-consuming.

As with anything, cleaning is a learning process, and checking out better ways to do it can change your relationship with it. Learning how to clean the house fast and efficiently with the right cleaning techniques and products can make your routine enjoyable. It is all about researching the best way to fit it into your life.