Most people have a cleaning system in place for their homes, especially on deep-cleaning days. This system provides structure and organization while cleaning. Although your method of cleaning may get the job done, it may not always be time efficient. This post teaches you how to clean a house and save an ample amount of time.

In addition to the correct cleaning products, there are a few things to consider when trying to save time. Some of these things are the order of cleaning and method of cleaning. You can also consider a cleaning checklist to establish good cleaning habits. Keep reading to discover how to clean a house with 12 time-saving tips.

Start the night before

As with everything else with which you set priorities, cleaning also needs its priorities. Therefore, establishing areas of your home that need deeper cleaning can help save time. For example, you may need to spray your oven and stove surface the night before. It takes a few seconds and makes cleaning much easier the next day. To sum it up, you’ll decrease your cleaning time and save energy in other areas of your home. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Gather everything that is out of place

decluttering before cleaning

Declutter the spaces you need to clean prior to starting. By doing this, you’re focused on one task at a time and less likely to have your attention diverted. Clear counters, put away your clothes, and free the space that needs to be cleaned for easier access. Asides from helping you stay focused, doing this help you visualize what needs to be targeted; therefore, you save a lot of time.

Set your cleaning supplies aside

Another important tip when learning how to clean a house fast is organizing cleaning supplies. It helps to separate the cleaning supplies you’ll use in different areas of the home. Grab a cleaning basket and select the cleaning supplies you’ll need to target the different areas you’re cleaning. It facilitates cleaning as you go from room to room. Additionally, it prevents unnecessary trips that you may need to take if you don’t have everything together prior to cleaning.

Incorporate cleaning tools

cleaning tools for house cleaning

Cleaning products may not be the only help you need on cleaning days. Using cleaning tools can make your life easier and save time during cleaning. Manual cleaning techniques are efficient but adding a cleaning tool maximizes efficiency and cleaning power. For instance, you can attach a microfiber mop to your Swiffer and use it to clean your walls. All you need to do is spray a cleaning solution on the mop and attach it to the Swiffer for the most efficient cleaning. You can cover a wide surface area, which will dramatically cut down cleaning time.

Simply use water

Your mirror and glass table can be cleaned easily with one ingredient, which is water. Add water to a spray bottle and use it for bathroom & bedroom mirrors, as well as glass tables. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface and you’ll be left with streak-free mirrors. If you use this method, you don’t have to deal with leftover residue that can be experienced with certain cleaning products. So, you spend less time trying to get the residue off. In addition, you are also eliminating chemicals in your cleaning process.

Use the back-to-front and top-to-bottom method

dusting from top to bottom

The best way to clean a house without having to do double the work is by following this technique. Cleaning from top to bottom ensures the dirt introduced from the top is cleaned afterward. If you fail to do this, you will have to clean surfaces you already cleaned because dust or dirt can be reintroduced during your cleaning process. Therefore, consider dusting blinds, pictures, chandeliers, and ceiling fans first before handling furniture and other items.

Clean from the back of the house to the front of the house to make sure dirt is let out. The front of the house is easily accessible; therefore, can carry the most amount of dirt. Making sure to work from back to the front helps you clean efficiently. This system of cleaning also helps you stay focused on one place at a time and saves you time.

Try this stainless steel cleaning method

Stainless steel appliances can quickly accumulate smears with frequent touching. The right cleaner can make a difference in the appearance of your whole house. To save time and keep your stainless steel polished, use a glass cleaner. Simply spray a glass cleaner on your stainless-steel appliance and follow up with a microfiber cloth. In addition to covering a lot of space faster with this method, your stainless-steel appliances will shine brighter than ever. Test it out on a small surface first to make sure it works for you.

Refresh your rugs with fabric softener

how to clean a house with fabric softener

Some rugs aren’t washable and need a refresh from time to time. Even if your rug is washable, you can use this technique for a refresh. Not only does it speed up your cleaning process, but it also leaves your home smelling amazing. So, how to clean your house rugs with this method? Use approximately 1/2 a cup of fabric softener and 3/4 a cup of water and mix them together in a spray bottle. Spray on your rug and leave it on for a few minutes. If there are stains, you may dab those areas with a cleaning cloth after a few minutes. Otherwise, simply let the rug dry and vacuum later.

Soak before cleaning

There are some items in the home that require deep cleaning. They may require an extensive amount of scrubbing and time. To save time on these items, soak them prior to cleaning. You can consider doing this a few hours or a day prior to starting the cleaning process. Things like microwave filters, oven racks, and stove grates may need soaking for proper degreasing. Moreover, you can reduce wrist pain that can emerge due to scrubbing hard stains.

Put your dish detergent to work

a squeegee is a great tool to use for house cleaning

You can use your dish detergent to clean other areas of your home. Can you guess which area? Well, there may be many, but you can use them on surfaces like sliding patio glass doors or shower glass doors.

Use a bucket and mix the dish detergent in a solution of water. You can clean larger glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth and the dish solution you made. Simply follow up with a squeegee in an ‘S’ cleaning pattern and you are all done. This method reduces cleaning time when you are dealing with larger glass areas and is extremely efficient.

Try some time-efficient cleaning hacks

House cleaning hacks can simplify your process, and save you time, as well as money. They can also introduce you to better and more efficient cleaning methods. Hacks are extremely useful in various areas of the home, especially in harder-to-clean spaces or areas that may accumulate dirt faster. You can use microwave cleaning hacks to tackle the toughest stains in no time. In addition, there are also bathroom cleaning hacks for quicker and safer cleaning processes.

Save sweeping, mopping & vacuuming for later

vacuuming the floors

How to clean a house properly without feeling like you need to do it all over again? Sweep after you’ve thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning the floors of your home should be left as the last thing on your cleaning list. The order in which you clean proves to be of importance in this instance. Cleaning the floors last prevents dirt and debris from getting on your freshly cleaned floors.