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There are people who grill throughout all four seasons. However, there are also those who reserve cooking outdoors for pleasant weather. Most often, these are the spring and summer seasons. If you’ve been storing your grill away for the perfect occasion, you may need to do some spring cleaning. You can also be in for a moldy surprise after long storage times, which is why you need to learn how to clean grill surfaces properly.

Mold spores aggregate on surfaces with excessive moisture. Your grill can acquire mold when stored in damp environments or exposed to moisture for long periods of time. While grill covers can prevent rusting, they can cause mold growth because of poor air circulation. After discovering mold, cleaning your grill can become even more of a task. However, there is a simple fix for your issue. Read on to learn how to clean grill surfaces that are moldy.

Before cleaning, be aware of..

Mold sensitivity exists and it can lead to reactions in some people. Some of these include respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing, and skin conditions, such as itching. Consider wearing gloves and face protective gear, such as goggles and a mask before handling the mold. There is a chance of inhaling mold spores during the cleaning process, so full-body protective measures are necessary.

The Right Materials

That thick layer of mold needs the correct products to make sure it is completely gone. It will be unfortunate to have your food tainted with mold after waiting for the perfect season to grill again. After wearing appropriate clothing and gear, collect the following supplies.

Steps On How to Clean a Grill with Mold

It is important to know how to handle mold when cleaning your grill. The right cleaning solutions along with following these steps will restore your grill to its pre-mold state.

How To Clean Gas Grill

how to clean gas grill

To learn how to clean a gas grill with mold growth, you need to follow these steps as shown. There are a lot of different components, such as burners, and drip pans. Although you may have only noticed mold in one area, it is necessary to clean your grill thoroughly. Also, remember to disconnect the gas supply before starting your cleaning process.

Step 1: Remove everything.

The first step is quite simple. All you need to do is take off anything that can be in the way. Examples of things that need to be removed are ceramic briquettes and lava rocks.

Step 2: Add some heat.

Turn up the heat on your grill to the highest setting. Mold spores are less likely to survive at high temperatures. Therefore, the highest heat setting ensures you take care of the mold and any residue that may be lingering. Allow the heat to work for approximately thirty (30) minutes.

Step 3: Let it cool down.

This is a process, so make sure you’re following each step closely. This cooling step is important, so you can handle the grill grates properly without burning yourself.

Step 4: Make your cleaner & scrub.

In a spray bottle, mix warm or hot water with some dish detergent. If you want to learn how to clean grill grates properly, this is the most effective and simplest way. Remove the grill grates and place them in an easily accessible area, so you can scrub them properly. Using your brush and soapy water solution, thoroughly clean your grill gates and the interior of your grill.

Step 5: Rinse and reheat.

After cleaning your grill and grill parts, rinse off the soapy residue. If you have a garden hose, it will make this process much faster.

It is essential that you turn the heat on your grill once again. This is the final step to make sure you’ve killed all the mold on your grill.

How To Clean Charcoal Grill

how to clean moldy charcoal grill

The cleaning process for the charcoal grill is similar to the gas grill. The only difference is removing the charcoal and ashes before starting the cleaning process. Removing them is necessary for better airflow when heating up your grill. After doing this, you’ll need to replace it with new charcoal.

Step 1: Crank the heat.

This process will also require heat. Starting with heat when cleaning a grill with mold spores reduces your chances of inhaling the spores. The heat will kill most of the spores before you move to the next step.

Step 2: Allow the grill to cool down.

The next step is to simply let your grill cool down. After cooling down, you will need to remove charcoal and ash residue before cleaning.

Step 3: Clean thoroughly.

You will still need to clean your grill after the heating and cooling process. Therefore, ensure you have your cleaning solution ready. All you’ll need is hot water and detergent. With the use of a brush, thoroughly clean your grill grates and the inside of your grill.

Remove the grill grates, so you can clean each corner properly. If you have a pressure washer, you may use it during this step to ensure you clean as best as possible. After cleaning, rinse completely before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Repeat step 1.

You’ll need to repeat the heating process once again. If there is any chance of any remaining mold, it won’t survive the second heating.

How To Prevent Mold on Grill

There are ways to reduce the likelihood of mold on your grill, especially if you don’t use it regularly. Cleaning your grill will be much simpler if you can make these 3 things a habit.

1. Clean your grill after use.

Food coma is real, especially after consuming some delicious grilled food. However, it is important to clean your grill after you use it. Why? Well, grease and other food remnants can facilitate mold growth as well.

Consider deep cleaning your grill every 3 months. This helps remove anything that is tougher to get rid of with regular cleaning.

2. Store the grill properly.

During the seasons you’re not using your grill, avoid storing it in high humidity environments. The areas you chose to store your grill in should have good airflow.

3. Clean your grill covers.

The grill covers can be the source of your mold problem. Therefore, it is not only necessary to clean your grill, but also the cover.

How to clean grill cover that has mold: A 16:1 ratio of water and bleach will efficiently clean your cover. To achieve this process, mix 1 cup of bleach and 16 cups of hot water. Working in a well-ventilated area, use a scrub brush to clean the grill cover. After cleaning, allow the solution to rest for approximately five (5) minutes before rinsing. Allow to thoroughly dry before using again.


Besides rust, mold is the next worse thing to see when you open your grill. If you’re experiencing a moldy grill, don’t let it dampen your mood. You can get back to grilling again once you follow the simple steps highlighted above.