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Some kitchen appliances may seem more complicated to clean than others. A toaster does not need to be on that list. Toasters are useful kitchen tools used by most people to toast bread, English muffins, bagels, and other food items. Most toasters are small and easy to store, however, their narrow interiors can be hard to fully visualize. By the time you finish this article, you will know how to clean a toaster thoroughly. 

Toasters should be cleaned to prevent fire hazards, oddly tasting food and the remnant of everything bagels on your toast. (Unless you like everything bagels? In which case, we may need to talk). These steps detail how to clean a toaster inside and out with basic household items.

Items You Need

  1. Baking soda
  2. Brush
  3. Dish detergent
  4. Sponge
  5. Stainless steel scrubbers (Optional)
  6. Microfiber cloth

Step 1: Unplug Toaster

how to clean a toaster step 1

This is crucial before introducing any cleaning agent near your toaster. Also, make sure your toaster is unplugged and cooled down before starting the cleaning process.

Step 2: Remove Toaster Crumb Tray

how to clean a toaster  step 2

Most crumb trays are located on the bottom of toasters and can be easily unlatched. Stand over a trash can while removing the crumb tray to avoid the mess. Once you’ve emptied all the crumbs out of the trays, invert your toaster over the trash bin and carefully shake the excess.

Step 3: Clean Toaster Crumb Tray

how to clean a toaster step 3

Use warm water, a sponge, and dish detergent for this step. If there are residues that are hard to get rid of, soak the crumb tray in a mixed solution of warm water and dish detergent. Allow the tray to dry after the cleaning process.

Step 4: Clean Toaster Interior Element

cleaning a toaster step 4

You can find a toaster cleaning brush online, but the brushes you already have at home can also do the trick. Make use of a basting brush or a paintbrush to clear out the interior of the toaster. This can also be done over a trash bin.

Prepare a solution of baking soda with warm water. Using a new toothbrush, gently dip it into the water and baking soda mixture. Clean the top of the toaster loader. For stubborn burn residues, a stainless-steel scrubber can be used.

Step 5: Clean Toaster Exterior

how to clean a toaster step 5

You can use a sponge lightly dipped in a solution of warm water and dish detergent to clean the exterior. It is imperative that you do not place your toaster in the water. Wring out excess water from the sponge before cleaning. Make sure no soapy residues are left after cleaning and dry with a microfiber cloth or air dry.

Step 6: Reassemble 

Place your completely dried crumb tray back into its compartment and store your toaster in its usual location.

These steps are extremely helpful, but if your toaster has endured years without cleaning, and you are considering a new one, here is a great recommendation for you.

easy to clean toaster