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Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary evil that most people do not enjoy. It requires thorough cleaning and proper steps to ensure spotless and hygienic surfaces. However, motivation coupled with the right bathroom cleaning checklist can get you through this process.

A checklist works as a reminder of areas that need to be targeted. Not only does it give you all the information you need, but it also makes cleaning much easier. This checklist highlights important tips to keep your bathroom sparkling clean, but also maintain freshness. Whether you’re a cleaning enthusiast or a cleaning procrastinator, you’ll benefit from the information in this checklist. Without further ado, here is a step-by-step bathroom cleaning checklist.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

The right cleaning products in addition to the bathroom deep cleaning checklist will help you get your bathroom in top shape.

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    Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Steps

    More details on the areas you need to target are provided in the bathroom cleaning checklist template. If you’re unsure of where to start after going over the steps, grab the free template as a guide. Now, let’s start with this simple 10-step cleaning guide!

    #1: Gather your bathroom cleaning supplies & tools.

    bathroom cleaning checklist supplies

    The first step on your checklist is to have everything in one place. Grab everything you’ll need to clean your bathroom before starting. This is a time-saving tactic that you can use to quickly start cleaning and avoid distractions while doing so. Having everything you need to clean on your checklist keeps you organized during the process.

    #2: Clear your surfaces.

    bathroom cleaning checklist steps

    Before you start cleaning, free the space you’re working with. This includes your countertop, shower niche, and other items thoroughly discussed in the checklist. Doing this before starting your cleaning process reduces cleaning anxiety. You’re visually narrowing the area you are cleaning by taking away things out of your way. It won’t feel as overwhelming when you start with this step.

    #3: Run the wash cycle.

    cleaning bath mats

    This is not laundry day, but you’ll need to wash a few things. For instance, your shower curtains and bathmats are items in your bathroom that require washing. Start washing before you clean, so it will be ready to be placed back when you’re done.

    Tip: Shake your bathmats before placing them in the washer. Also, consider a laundry sanitizer and wash these items on a hot cycle.

    #4: Dust the necessary areas.

    dusting light fixture

    You can find dust in different areas of your home, including the bathroom. Although the focus is often on the living room, dust can accumulate anywhere. This is because of factors, such as pet dander and outside elements, such as pollen. Consider dusting as part of your checklist to improve the air quality as well as reduce the risks of allergies. Additionally, choose the proper dusting tools that can trap the dust instead of spreading it around.

    How to? Microfiber cloths are extremely useful when dusting. Grab your microfiber cloth and wipe across the dusty area to collect dust.

    #5: Clean and scrub.

    bathroom cleaning checklist step 5

    After dusting and wiping everything that may have fallen down from dusting, it is time to clean your surfaces. Is this your favorite part or what? Just kidding. The objective of this step is to thoroughly remove dirt. It requires you to clean all your bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Remember, to clean everything even if it appears clean. Skipping areas can accumulate dirt over time, which can lead to tough stains.

    How To? Spray your favorite cleaning solution on flat surfaces and wipe clean. Scrub your bathroom fixtures, such as toilets and tubs.

    Tip: The cloth you use for your countertops should be different from the one you use for your toilet. Keep separate cloth for each of those cleaning areas.

    Allow products to do their work by letting them sit for a while, especially when having issues with stains.

    #6: Clean miscellaneous items.

    cleaning doorknob

    These are extremely important elements in your bathroom that are often forgotten. A complete list is given in the cleaning checklist, but a few of them are your doorknobs and cabinet handles. You should not leave these items out when cleaning your bathroom. Regularly cleaning these items makes the process efficient and keeps your bathroom in a better shape.

    How to? Make a solution of warm water and dish detergent. With a damp cloth, wipe those areas clean.

    #7: Spray and sanitize.

    sanitizing spray

    The bathroom can host several bacteria and without sanitizing, it becomes threatening to your health. According to the CDC, sanitizing is not necessary daily unless someone is sick. Therefore, you should consider sanitizing at least weekly when cleaning. Don’t forget this extremely necessary step in your weekly bathroom cleaning checklist. After cleaning all the fixtures in your bathroom, it is time to sanitize your surfaces.

    How to? Use an antibacterial spray on all surfaces in your bathroom. The areas you’re spraying should be wet and the spray should be left on for 5-10 minutes. The time is to allow the product to properly sanitize.

    Tip: Look on the product label of your specific antibacterial spray to determine the contact time the manufacturer recommends.

    #8: Tackle everything that is glass.

    bathroom cleaning checklist step 8

    The next step in your bathroom spring cleaning checklist is the glass items. This should be simple, and the right glass cleaner will do the trick.

    How to? A microfiber cloth is a game-changer for glass. Spray your mirror with glass cleaner and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

    Tip: Choose a direction to prevent streaking when cleaning. You can either wipe from top to bottom or side to side.

    #9: Turn your attention to your floor.

    mopping bathroom floor

    You should reserve the floor for last on your cleaning checklist. The most obvious reason to clean your floors is to remove dirt, dust, and stain. Additionally, taking care of your floors also improves the appearance and minimizes damage long-term.

    How to? Simply, sweep and mop your floors to finish. Simple, yet an important part of your cleaning routine.

    #10: Re-position your items.

    bathroom deep cleaning checklist

    The hard part is out of the way. Put everything back in its designated spaces after you’re completely done with the cleaning. You can now check off the last task on your checklist with confidence. Hooray!


    Keeping your bathroom clean is part of maintaining a presentable home. While it may require some effort, a bathroom cleaning checklist can help you keep track of what you need to focus on the most.

    This post provides all the steps you need to follow along with a bathroom cleaning checklist template to get you started. Following this approach will help you keep your bathroom fresh, organized, and sanitary.