“I love a cluttered and disorganized space!”, Says no one ever. Everyone wants to maintain a clean living- environment, but the process is not always enjoyable for most. Maintaining a clean space is not an easy task. It requires time, energy, and a lot of effort. However, keeping good cleaning habits can create better techniques that will save you time and decrease stress.

Habits are behaviors and actions that become second nature when constantly implemented into your life. You can form habits in different areas of your life, chores included. Good habits lead to rewarding outcomes, while the opposite is true for bad habits. When it comes to cleaning, you can also incorporate habits that welcome a positive change into your living space. If you are ready to always have an effortlessly clean home, follow these cleaning habits for a tidy and spotless space!

Clean/change your tools

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When was the time you disinfected your toilet bowl cleaner? You need to clean your cleaning tools, or else you’re not cleaning as efficiently as you think you are. Your cleaning tools can accumulate dirt and bacteria over time. Using these same tools to clean without properly caring for them defeats the purpose.

Certain cleaning tools, such as reusable dusters should be cleaned after use. On the other hand, cleaning tools, such as a vacuum may only need periodic cleaning. These tools serve as an aid to maintain the freshness of your home. If they’re not well-kept, they may do more harm than good. Additionally, replace your cleaning tools once they’ve served their purpose.

Maintain quick daily maintenance

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To ensure good cleaning habits are kept, you need some form of repetition. Involving quick cleaning rituals in your daily schedule keeps cleaning days less overwhelming. For instance, making the bed when you wake up can be part of your maintenance routine. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it helps maintain a clean appearance. Here are a few other things to include in your daily maintenance.

  • Refrain from leaving clothes on the furniture when you come home.
  • Clean the food splatter in the microwave.
  • Wipe and sweep after cooking.
  • Wash your dishes when you’re done cooking and eating.

Doing this reduces chores from piling up as you go through the day. It also minimizes the amount of deep cleaning required on cleaning days. Those who keep their home tidy always observe these house-cleaning habits daily. “If you can see it, you can clean it.” Don’t let the crumbs on the kitchen counter and the dirty dishes stare at you all day.

Schedule deep cleaning days

deep cleaning

You don’t have to rush for unexpected guest arrivals if you say goodbye to bad cleaning habits. Your space requires deep cleaning at least thrice a year. While surface and standard cleaning are essential in your routine, deep cleaning gives attention to the hidden areas in your home. If these areas go ignored, they may lead to unwelcome smells, pest infestation, and contaminants.

Have a tool for different areas

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Each area you’re cleaning should have a separate cleaning tool. For example, you shouldn’t use the same cloth for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. It’s not hygienic and does not ensure efficient cleaning techniques. In addition, the same applies to your cleaning gloves. If you use gloves while washing dishes, they should not be used in other areas of your home. A part of maintaining good cleaning habits is to also observe hygienic cleaning processes in your routine.

Hire a professional cleaner

Sometimes, calling a professional may be what you need. Some cleaning jobs require cleaning services, especially when you don’t have the necessary tools. If you have furniture and carpet that is hard to keep up with, consider yearly professional cleaning services.

Disinfect properly

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Just because you’re using a disinfectant doesn’t mean you’re disinfecting. Allow your disinfecting sprays to do their job by following the directions. Most disinfecting sprays require a few minutes of contact time before wiping. This means that the surface you’re disinfecting should have the product left on for a certain amount of time. Your cleaning habits should also involve following the label instructions to obtain the promised results. It is also important to note that dirty surfaces should be cleaned before being disinfected.

Move things around when you clean

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One of the good cleaning habits to observe when cleaning is this. The space you’re cleaning should be clutter-free to view the area properly. Without doing this, you’re missing spots. A few examples of things that should be moved before cleaning are:

  • Remove decorative pillows before cleaning the couch.
  • Declutter the coffee table before wiping.
  • Move your oven and refrigerator to clean the kitchen properly.

Donate the items you don’t need


The secret to a clutter-free space is this cleaning habit. More items in your home require more storage. If you don’t have the space for storage, your home can look disorganized. However, if you have storage space, you may be able to have a clean space, but there is more to move around while cleaning.

Get in the spirit of minimalism and let go of things that are of no use. Identify items you no longer need while decluttering. Sometimes, you may have two of the same things without being aware. Letting go of things you don’t need improves the appearance of your space.

Multi-task the fun way

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While multitasking is not recommended in various situations, it may work for some. Sometimes, if there is no motivator, you may ignore some cleaning tasks. Add some fun to the mix to maintain good cleaning habits at home. If you never fold your laundry because it is boring, turn on a movie while ironing, folding, and organizing your clothes. Incorporating something you find mentally stimulating can help you get through your task.

Leave it better than you found it


Get in the habit of leaving things as you found, if not better. Organizing is also part of the cleanliness of your home. Making sure to place items back in their designated spots ensures that your home is always tidy. For instance, neatly placing the remote back in its spot instead of leaving it on the couch can make all the difference.

Keep cleaning supplies tucked nearby

Keep a bin nearby with cleaning supplies. It makes it easier to grab and clean when you make this a habit. If you make a mess in a specific area, you simply reach for your cleaning supply nearby. For instance, cleaning the water marks on the mirror right away can improve the appearance of your bathroom. Having supplies nearby makes it easier to clean it immediately instead of leaving it for later.


Everyone can achieve a neat home with the right cleaning habits. A good cleaning schedule with a few adjustments in your routine can help you establish efficient habits. This article compiles important cleaning habits that ensure your space always stays tidy.