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A clean bedroom space can bring more peace and relaxation. This is because the bedroom is considered a safe space. It is one of the areas of the home where people spend the most time. You’re either sleeping, enjoying the time alone, or simply watching TV in the bedroom. Deep cleaning tips serve to maintain the feeling of refuge you sense when in your bedroom.

A cozy and clean bedroom can improve sleep and reduce the risks of allergies. Making sure your bedroom space is kept clean and organized is also a form of self-care, as you are thinking about your personal well-being. Simple deep house cleaning tips can re-introduce order and tranquility in your bedroom space. If you’re ready to enjoy a reset and refresh, here are a few deep cleaning tips to revive your bedroom.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning Tips and Tricks Supplies

Organizing bins

Microfiber cloth

Window cleaner

Carpet & upholstery cleaner

Carpet spot & odor treatment


Hard floor vacuum & mop system

Carpet vacuum

Fabric freshener

Step 1: Let some sunlight in

1st step deep cleaning tips

Not everyone enjoys cleaning and sometimes you might need a motivator. Natural sunlight has a plethora of benefits and can be helpful while cleaning. Besides providing you with vitamin D, sunlight can also improve your mood by triggering the release of serotonin. So, consider letting some sun into your room before cleaning to get that feel-good chemical working.

Step 2: Declutter in sections

declutter bedroom

This is one of the best quick deep cleaning tips to live by. It is a good idea to separate your bedroom into sections before cleaning. This can be helpful with a large bedroom space. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, dividing your bedroom into sections helps you stay organized while cleaning. For instance, the closet area can be one section, the television area can be another, and so forth. This keeps you focused on one area at a time instead of going back and forth.

Free your dressers, your bedside drawers, and bed storage bins. Don’t forget to also remove and re-organize the clothes in your closet. Take the time to clear your bedroom space of any visible clutter, so you can see what you are working with. Keep separate bins when decluttering. Use one bin for trash and use the others for items you can donate or store elsewhere.

Step 3: Take care of the washables

bedroom deep cleaning tips

House deep cleaning tips won’t be complete without taking care of these items in your bedroom. The washables are your bedroom curtains, your bedding, and anything else in your bedroom that can be washed.

Starting the laundry now is a good idea. By the time you take care of other areas of your bedroom, the washed and dried items should be ready to be placed back.

Step 4: Remove rugs and mats

deep cleaning tips for bedroom items

One of the deep cleaning tips for home spaces most people decide to ignore is this one, but you really shouldn’t. They can be hard to keep clean, especially if they can’t just be thrown in the washer; however, it needs to be done. These items absorb dirt and allergens. In addition, they can harbor bacteria, so cleaning them on your deep-cleaning days is a must.

Vacuum, then take your rugs and mats outside to shake out anything that can fall out. Wear a mask while doing this to prevent inhaling dust. If you need to spot-clean an area on your rug or completely clean the rug, this is the best time to do that. After doing this, leave your rugs or mats outside for a while to dry.

Step 5: Dust and wipe

dusting the TV

Dust can affect air quality in your entire house; therefore, giving attention to this while deep cleaning is essential. Examples of items to dust and wipe are picture frames, table lamps, windowsills, Tv surfaces, and ceiling fans.

When dusting, you should work from the top downward. By doing this, you avoid introducing dust from the top to clean surfaces. This method helps you stay efficient while cleaning.

Step 6: Clean furniture and headboard

bedroom deep cleaning tips

The furniture in your bedroom boosts its appearance, so make sure you are taking care of it while cleaning. Dust the furniture before the deep cleaning process.

Use the microfiber cloth recommended to get into the crevices of each piece of furniture. The microfiber material traps more dust while cleaning.

Step 7: Spray the surfaces

disinfecting deep cleaning tips

The next step when deep cleaning your home is disinfecting the surfaces. First, spray the spaces you have taken the time to declutter in step 2. Don’t forget to disinfect decorative items in your bedroom as well. After you spray, allow the disinfectant to sit on the surface for a few minutes or the amount of time recommended by the label.

The point of this step is to let the deep cleaning products do their job. While this is going on, it is a good time to check on your washer to see whether the items are ready for the drying cycle if you have not done so yet. In addition to disinfecting available surfaces, you can also start cleaning your glass windows with a window cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Step 8: Clean the walls & baseboard

bedroom deep cleaning tips and tricks

Spot-clean the walls in your bedroom and wipe areas that need a refresh. Additionally, this is a good time to clean the baseboard in your bedroom.

To do this, you can mix 1/2 a cup of fabric softener and 3/4 cup of water in a spray bottle. Use a microfiber cloth along with the mixed solution to clean your walls and baseboard. This ensures a clean and fresh-scented bedroom space.

Step 9: Wipe & re-organize

deep cleaning tips for bedroom

After the disinfectant step, wipe the surfaces before continuing. Next, start re-organizing the items you stored in the bins. Lastly, place the items in their respective locations and make your bed.

Step 10: Mop, vacuum & Refresh

lighting candle in the bedroom

The floors are the last thing on the deep cleaning list because you can easily pick up dirt and dust without needing to double-clean.

You can vacuum in a forward and backward motion to get each area of the room. Also, vacuum beneath the bed as well as areas hidden by furniture, if possible.

To finish off, light a scent to boost the freshness of the room. You can also freshen the furniture in your bedroom with a fabric freshener.