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You can learn how to clean bathroom spaces and other home areas with minimal effort by adopting minimalist cleaning routines.

One of the most overwhelming factors in cleaning is the number of cleaning supplies you need to keep up with. There seems to be a cleaning product available for every area of the home. Although great products are on the market, deciding what works best can take several trials and errors. This drags on the whole cleaning process and can take the fun out. While preparing checklists and streamlining your cleaning process can save ample time, there is another way to clean effortlessly.

Time is precious, and you’ll likely prefer spending extra time on something else than cleaning. Minimalism reduces cleaning time and simplifies your routine. This cleaning process requires a few essential multi-purpose products and tools. Get ready to transform your bathroom into a clutter-free and spotless sanctuary by learning how to clean the bathroom like a minimalist.

A Few Things to Do Before You Clean the Bathroom

There are a few simple things to do before starting your cleaning which will work to your advantage. For instance, decluttering is critical in your routine, especially when keeping to a minimalist routine. The best thing to ask yourself is, “How often do I use it? / Can something else I own replace it?” This helps you eliminate clutter and keep your bathroom neat and organized. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure everything has a home. If you’re unsure where something belongs in your bathroom, it probably doesn’t need to be there.
  • Keep a daily, weekly, and monthly routine. To keep everything simple and less overwhelming, maintain a cleaning schedule.
  • Wipe everything from top to bottom. This applies to dusting as well as cleaning. For example, when cleaning your toilet, start with the top and save the bottom for last.
  • Bathroom cleaning hacks can help you learn new ways to clean.

Essential Supplies to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning supplies and tools can make a difference in your routine. For a minimalist routine, less is better. You can still clean efficiently without sacrificing hygiene. With these supplies, you can ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace a fresher clean. In addition, they can be used in other areas of your home.

How To Clean a Bathroom

After following the tips and gathering your supplies, you can move on to cleaning the bathroom. There is less product to use in this routine, but don’t be afraid because everything will still be cleaned efficiently. The routine is broken down into steps to make the process much simpler.

1. Take care of the removable(s).

cleaning the bathroom

If it can be removed, then take care of it. Take out the trash, your bathmats, and towels. This helps prep the space for cleaning so there is nothing on your way.

2. Work from the top to the bottom

cleaning shower glass door

After decluttering and dusting, start with the cleaning process. Before starting, mix your cleaning products.

In a spray bottle, add equal parts white vinegar and warm water. This mixture will be used to clean most of your bathroom. Most people do not like the smell, but it won’t last long. Also, the addition of water tones down the scent. Use this solution in the following places:

  • Start with your mirror. Spray the vinegar and water solution on your mirror and wipe with a cleaning cloth.
  • Use the same solution to clean your faucet and counters. However, if you have granite bathroom countertops, avoid using vinegar. Dish soap and water will do the trick in that case.
  • Spray this solution on all your toilet surfaces and let it sit while you take care of other areas.

3. Start scrubbing and wiping

how to clean bathroom

The next solution you’ll need is dish soap and water. You can use a bowl or bucket to mix before using. However, a spray bottle works fine if you choose not to use a bucket. Use this to clean the following items:

  • The sink. If you’re wondering how to clean the bathroom sink the simplest way possible, this is it. You can use a scrub brush or a cleaning cloth to clean your countertop and sink.
  • The tub/shower. Use the solution along with your tub scrubber to thoroughly clean these areas. If you have mildew and hard water stains, sprinkle some citric acid to remove them effectively. Citric acid is an effective disinfectant, stain, and odor remover.
  • Shower glass doors. Use a cleaning cloth to clean the shower glass doors and your mixed soap and water solution. Using a squeegee, wipe the residue, and you’ll be left with streak-free mirrors.

4. Move on to the toilet

how to clean the toilet

The vinegar solution from the second step has done a great job at disinfecting by this point. If it has dried down, spray some more. Proceed by using a cloth and wiping all areas of the toilet, working from top to bottom. Use a Q-tip to reach the crevices if you don’t want to remove your toilet seats.

Flush the toilet before cleaning so there is water around the rim. After flushing, add 1 cup of vinegar and 2 tbsp of dish detergent to the bowl and scrub.

5. Last but not least..the floors

cleaning tile floors

Start by sweeping the floors so there is no dirt left behind. The tile and tub scrubber recommended can be used for your tile floors. In a bucket, mix a solution of dish detergent and water. Clean your floors thoroughly with this solution. If you own and prefer a mop, you can use it to clean the floors.


Regular maintenance with an effective cleaning routine ensures your bathroom is always in the best shape possible. An efficient minimalist bathroom cleaning routine involves a few essential products and techniques.

The strategy highlighted in this article will help you simplify your cleaning tasks so that cleaning can be less dreadful. This is also perfect for those looking to reduce their cleaning time.