Some days can be harder than others, making it difficult to get out of bed. Who does not love their bed, right? It is comfortable, it feels safe, and it is just an inviting space. Sometimes, it feels better to just snuggle up to the covers. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy the comfort of your bed and get energized to start your day by trying bed pilates.

Bed pilates is exactly what it sounds like. It is Pilates movements that you can do while in bed. You can still enjoy the core strengthening and activation you would normally experience during a pilates routine. In addition, balance, body awareness, and flexibility can still be achieved with bed pilates.

Small space? No problem

woman stretching in bed

Many people prefer working out at home and that can require space in most instances. The beauty of bed exercises is the ability to do them even when you are limited to a smaller space. This encourages you to keep to your workout routine and it also helps you stay motivated.

Bed pilates can save you money

In-person Pilates classes can be expensive and can deter you from trying the routine. Luckily, there are other ways to experience pilates. This can be through bed pilates classes screened from home. You won’t even need a mat in this case because the cushion from your mattress can act as support during your pilates routine.

You can travel without missing active days

Sometimes, your pilates mat and equipment can be too much to carry when traveling, so they’re left behind. However, you can still engage your body through a series of bed pilates while on your trip. 

Bed pilates promotes relaxation

mother and daughter relaxing with bed pilates

Pilates focuses on breathing techniques, so it can be helpful when it comes to relaxation and rest. Additionally, the breathing techniques prompt you to focus on muscle activation and encourage mindfulness.

Relaxation exercises that promote certain breathing patterns can improve sleep quality and restfulness. Bedtime pilates can be performed to engage the mind and the body to get you ready for bed.

Bed pilates can be great on low-energy days

Factors such as stress, fatigue, and inadequate sleep can have a negative impact on your energy level. Exercise does not necessarily come to mind when you’re fatigued, but it can help. A pilates bed workout can be stimulating on the days you lack energy. You get to move your body without having to get out of bed.

Pilates in bed can be fun

Bed pilates introduces your body to a different workout setting, which can be beneficial. Variations in your workout can prevent you from being bored with the same exercise routine. Changing the setting of your workout can give you a different type of energy. Therefore, bed workouts can introduce diversity to your workout flow.

Helpful for chill days

A relaxing bodyweight routine can be great on your active rest days. The body requires rest after challenging workout routines, so incorporating bed exercises can promote activation without too much resistance. It is the perfect way to recover in between workouts without exerting too much pressure on resting muscle groups.

Less pressuring

Less pressure with bed pilates

Many people feel guilty when they don’t exercise for a while. You may be tired or just want some time for personal self-care. Take the time to completely rest when you need it. It allows you to have a clear mind to better target your workout goals. If you are looking for a relaxing less demanding form of physical activity, you can consider bed workouts.

Slowly gets you back into your exercise routine

After long breaks or periods of depression, it can be harder to get back into physical activity. Working out in bed eases you into workout routines while being comfortable. 

What to keep in mind:

While this form of exercise setting can be beneficial to many, it might not be suitable for some. It is always advised to speak to your physician or a healthcare professional.