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Starting your fitness journey can be thrilling and nerve-racking all at once. You are excited to work towards your goals, but nervous to be introduced to a new environment. That is a completely normal feeling. Gym bag essentials can help with your gym experience.

You meet different sorts of people in the gym, and it might get intimating watching people at various levels of fitness. Keep in mind that this is your journey, and most people are also on their own individual fitness journeys and most likely not passing judgment.   

An organized plan, as well as a checked list of essentials, can place your mind at ease at the gym. You will feel more prepared and ready to tackle your workouts. Besides mental preparation, a gym bag can help if you are trying to figure out how to carry stuff at the gym. Wondering what you will need in your gym bag? Well, here are 10 female must-have gym bag essentials for beginners.

Gym Bag/Backpack

You will certainly need this item to store all your gym necessities. It makes carrying everything much easier and keeps them organized. The size will depend on the number of items you decide to transport to the gym.

You can think of this as a statement bag for the gym as well. It describes you as a person, so make it as personal as you want. Pick the color and designs of your choice. A gym bag or backpack with compartments can also be of advantage.

Daily Outing Necessities

Your beginner gym bag essentials will also include personal belongings that you normally keep with you when you go out. This includes your wallet and its contents, your keys, lip balm/gloss, and your phone.

It is dangerous to leave your wallet in your car, so always keep it in your gym bag. You might also need your phone for music, so don’t forget to pack it as well.

Water Bottle/Flask

Your gym essentials for beginners will most definitely need a water bottle. You want to stay hydrated throughout your workouts to avoid any negative impacts on your body. Choose the bottle size based on the amount of water you believe you can consume during your workouts.

Fountains and bottled water purchases are available at most gyms, but to avoid inconveniencing yourself by going back and forth, opt to bring your own bottle.

Shaker Bottle

If you wish to introduce protein powders as part of your workout, a shaker bottle will be ideal. They contain a mixing ball that will rid of chunks that can form when mixing protein powders with some form of liquid.

Shaking them hard enough might even make a pre-arm workout before you go to the gym lol. Many people enjoy their shakes during or after their workout sessions, so these bottles should be brought along in your gym bag.

Snacks/Protein Bars

Working out requires energy and you will be burning some calories. To stay energized, consider bringing protein bars to the gym.

Some gyms offer these at their counters or vending machines, but the prices can be higher compared to buying it yourself in a pack at your local grocery store.

Weightlifting Gloves

To improve stability when lifting, add these to your list of essentials. Lifting can also be rough on your hands and these gloves can act as a form of protection.

You should consider these, although you won’t be lifting heavy when starting. These gloves reduce your risk of developing calluses caused by the direct friction of weights against the palms of your hands.

Microfiber Gym Towels

Microfiber towels are thinner and much more absorbent, which can be useful during your workout sessions. You don’t want to have the feeling of a wet towel each time you wipe away sweat. In addition, the lightweight qualities of these towels make them easier to carry around your neck.

Wireless Headphones

If you are the type to enjoy music, podcasts, or phone conversations while working out, you should consider headphones. Get motivated through your workouts with the perfect playlist or motivational talks.

Cords can get in your way during workout sessions. Wireless headphones are a good option to have during your workouts. They are comfortable and easier to manage.

Extra Outfit

This can come in handy when packing gym bag essentials before work or school. Also, whether you plan on changing after the gym or going straight home, you should carry an extra outfit. Accidents happen and it is better to be equipped if they do. Here is what you should consider adding:

  • Work/School outfit

Combination Lock

Security is key and most gyms offer a locker room with lock systems. Some gyms may offer lockers without locks or no lockers in general. Get your own lock to protect your items.