There are all sorts of things on social media. While it has its dark side, you can also get your daily dose of happiness. The latest positivity topic is “Lucky Girl Syndrome.” Unlike medical syndromes, this positivity syndrome is one most people would love to suffer from. The belief is that if you trust in anything strongly enough, you can achieve it. As a viewer, it sounds like a dream come true because who wouldn’t want to achieve their biggest dreams by simply believing?

The idea behind lucky girl syndrome is that you’re a step away from changing your life by repeating lucky girl syndrome affirmations and believing in them. You are transforming your energy as you assert the lucky girl syndrome mantra in your daily life. Limiting energy gradually progresses into the energy of abundance. You’re no longer in the mindset you previously were in but are moving into something higher and better. This phenomenon seems like the best way to live. However, is lucky girl syndrome as simple as it seems?

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

lucky girl syndrome meaning

The TikTok manifestation trend is said to help you attract what you want in life with affirmations, such as “I am so lucky, and things work out in my favor.”

In brief, this phenomenon involves manifesting, believing, and receiving. For instance, if you expect a promotion, repeating, “I am a lucky girl. I can attract anything I want, including this promotion.” can successfully reframe your mindset. According to some living by this practice, they could manifest their dream job, lifestyles, and even relationships. Essentially, by thinking differently, you can move accordingly and achieve the life of your desires.

Is This a New Concept?

The Law of Assumption existed long before the “Lucky Girl Syndrome.” This law states that everything you want in life is already constructed for you, and you just need to believe.

Neville Goddard developed the Law of Assumption principle, and it reinforces changing your outlook through positive thinking. This mindset helps improve the way you view events in your life. There is an assumption that your desires will come to fruition; therefore, you go through life with those positive thoughts. You believe the things you want have already been fulfilled, so you live your life that way. By positively changing your assumptions, you’re opening yourself up to opportunities. If you have a positive and receptive mindset, you open doors for things you want because that’s your focus. You’re more likely to notice the positive, challenge the negative, and strive for the best.

Does Lucky Girl Syndrome Really Work?

lucky girl syndrome

With so many people attributing their success to this syndrome, it makes you wonder if this could also work for you. Think of it this way – you have a myriad of experiences in life, both positive and negative. Somehow, the minds ponder more on the unpleasant events. In psychology, this is known as negative bias, where the mind gets fixated on the adverse outcomes and experiences more than the positive. The negative information is used to navigate life and learn from these experiences.

How does this relate? Because the mind always tends to use negative information, you need to rewire your thoughts somehow. The negativity bias keeps you from seeing the vast positive experiences surrounding you. Instead, one negative in a sea of positives makes your day unpleasant. You must challenge your mind by being more conscious about your thoughts and self-talk to overcome this. You can do this by seeing the positive in each negative experience.

For instance, you drop your laptop, and one of the keycaps gets loosened; however, you don’t lose any information in the laptop. Here comes the “Lucky Girl Syndrome” to counteract the negative by helping you focus on the positive. Instead of “I am so unlucky, I broke a keycap,” it changes to “I am so lucky, I still have all the information on my laptop.” By putting these positive affirmations into practice, you can finally see the vast sea of positives, although the negative still exists. This phenomenon shifts your focus to the positive by changing how you view things. The circumstances can be different, and your blessing may be presented differently.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly All Explained

This practice helps you rewire your brain, so you can shift the focus on what you deem important in your life. Therefore, help you settle your thoughts into things that are working out for you.

The Good – The phenomenon helps you identify everything around you that is working for you. These may be things you have previously ignored or negative subconscious experiences that you have created. You can take charge of this aspect of your mind and make it work. Additionally, you can work against limiting beliefs and create a positive environment to pursue your goals, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Bad – Positive thinking alone without intentions is not enough. Therefore, you may be mistaken if you think simply repeating these affirmations will have you on your way. To successfully condition your mind into reality, you must develop intentions to transform positive thoughts into actions. Intentions are a form of thought that gives purpose; therefore, directed toward action.

The Ugly – This practice can become problematic when those who engage avoid their negative feelings, leading to toxic positivity. The idea of positive thinking doesn’t negate negative feelings. You’re still allowed to experience negative emotions and work through them. Suppressing negative emotions invalidates human experiences and can lead to unrealistic expectations.

Additionally, it can also cause self-blame. If these manifestations don’t work in your favor due to hindrances in your personal life that someone else may not have, it can cause more harm than good. You may be faced with the question, “If they can do it, why couldn’t I?” which can make you think something is inherently wrong with you when that is not the case.

An Example of Lucky Girl Syndrome in A Movie

In the early 2000s, Just My Luck, a romantic comedy about two people who were opposites, was released. The female character, played by Lindsay Lohan, lived an easygoing life, and everything worked out in her favor. On the other hand, the male character depicted by Chris Pine couldn’t catch a break to save his life. While this movie seems like a simple romantic comedy, it portrays more than just that. It explained the “Lucky Girl Syndrome.” The lucky girl in the movie was carefree and positive in everything she did, which completely worked for her.

Without too many spoilers, the character played by Chris Pine seems to also portray the syndrome. While unlucky, his positive energy, determination, and hard work completely changed his life. Haven’t watched the movie? Go watch it and give your perspective in the comments.


Reframing your thoughts by constantly repeating “Lucky Girl Syndrome” affirmations that relate to your values can change how you live. That said, it is important to make it realistic, so the empowering practice can have the effect it is meant to have.

This trend does not require buying anything but involves changing your mindset. Although the idea behind Lucky Girl Syndrome seems quite simple, it is not. While it may work for some, there is a lack of consideration for those who face barriers, biases, and personal challenges.