A lot is going on with your body during menstruation. The process has three phases and is controlled by different hormones. These hormones can affect energy levels and mood. It feels different for everyone, from the duration to the flow. However, one thing anyone wants during these times is peace and comfort. Discovering different feminine hygiene hacks that can improve that time of the month is pure gold.

Taking care of yourself when you’re menstruating is very important. Self-care during this time also involves being kind and understanding to your body. Learning about your cycle and how your body feels during each phase can make a difference in how you approach menstrual care. Take small steps in embracing your menstrual cycle, starting with these feminine hygiene hacks for menstrual care.

Period Hygiene Hacks

Poor hygiene practices, especially during menstruation, can increase the risk of infections. To feel at ease and keep your vagina & vulva healthy during this time, follow these feminine hygiene tips and hacks.

#1. Use a bed pad for leak protection

One too many accidents will teach you not to sleep without any layer of protection on your mattress. A towel can work in case you don’t own a bed pad. However, bed pads are the better choice on heavy-flow days. They’re highly absorbent, so you can sleep calmly without worrying about damaging your sheets and mattress.

#2. Save yourself the trouble and wear period underwear

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Heavy flow can make you wonder whether period underwear will work for you but don’t worry. There are different absorbency levels, from heavy to light flow. You can use it for extra protection while wearing tampons or menstrual cups. Some are designed for extended wear, so you don’t have to worry about leaking.

Do your research before purchasing, as some brands may contain Per- and polyfluoro alkyl substances (PFAS), known as “forever chemicals” because of their strong chemical bonds. They don’t break down fast and can accumulate in your body, causing adverse effects.

#3. Tampon + pad on heavy flow days

Overnight pads can be helpful during the day as well. However, overnight pads can be bulky and not favorable under specific clothing. On heavy flow days, you can use a tampon and a pad to avoid staining your underwear.

#4. Secure pads with wings with some duct tape or fabric tape

Most people have designated period panties, but some days you want to wear something different, like silk. Or, perhaps, the pad has poor adhesive. Secure your pad with duct tape if it doesn’t stick to your underwear fabric properly. This works better with pads with wings, as you can place the duct tape on the back of your underwear, adhering the pad to your underwear.

#5. Fold facial tissue between your cheeks

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Yes, the butt cheeks! Sleep quality is essential, and no one wants to feel uncomfortable while they sleep. If you wear pads to bed, you may experience leaking that can travel between your cheeks. To prevent this area from moisture while you sleep, fold facial tissue, and place it between your butt cheeks before bed. Why facial tissue, you ask? It is soft and does not dissolve as fast as toilet paper.

#6. Prep feminine hygiene products before the shower

During menstruation, the shower is the time to let your private area breathe and cleanse properly. You shouldn’t feel the need to wear a menstrual cup or tampon while you shower. This is your time to relax and free bleed in the comfort of your home.

Have everything ready and set on the side. For instance, if you wear pads, place them in your underwear and sit them on the counter next to your shower. Straight out of the shower, you can quickly put it on to avoid dripping blood on the floor or staining your towel.

#7. Place facial tissue on your vulva straight out of the shower

Here is another use for your facial tissues. If you forget to prep your feminine hygiene product before showering, you can gently place facial tissue on the private area immediately after you leave the shower. This way, you don’t have to feel like it is a race against time. Remember to dispose of the tissue like you would other sanitary products.

#8. Use a water-based lubricant for tampon insertion

The first few times, using a tampon can be uncomfortable. It might even be a bad experience for those using tampons with cardboard applicators. The plastic applicator glides easily; however, it can create waste. The problem is cardboard applicator tampons can be rigid and uncomfortable on insertion. If you have this problem, applying a water-based lubricant on the tampon or applicator tip can make insertion easier.

#9. Use a portable bidet when you go out

Some may prefer using intimate hygiene washes and wipes with a similar pH as the vagina. However, a bidet will do the trick if you don’t want this in your feminine hygiene routine. You can fill it with water and clean yourself whenever you change hygiene products. That way, you can feel fresh throughout the day.

#10. Wear panty liners when your period is getting close

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Cycle tracking can help you understand your period pattern. Although you can track manually, a period tracking app can make it easier. Apps use calendar methods and can readjust depending on when you document your period start date. By doing this, you’ll be aware of when your next period is coming. Sometimes, hormonal changes occur, and your period may come earlier. Wearing panty liners a few days before your period starts can help prevent the oopsies.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone loves experiencing their period. For some, it can be painful and highly uncomfortable.

Discovering ways to make the process bearable and staying clean during your period is always a plus. Feminine hygiene hacks can significantly improve your menstrual cycle, providing tips that’ll help you prepare and feel more relaxed.