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Let’s talk about the intimate area briefly before getting into intimate washes.

Everyone agrees that the genitalia, composed of sensitive organs should be treated with the utmost care. However, there are divided opinions on what exactly should be used to cleanse the private area, if anything at all.

To further understand why these opinions exist, you should know certain facts. Don’t worry, this isn’t an anatomy lesson, just a general overview, so you’ll understand better. The genitalia has internal and external structures. Although there are many, you are most likely familiar with the vagina and the vulva, which are internal and external organs, respectively.

Just like you wash your skin externally, you only need to cleanse the external genitalia, which is your vulva. Your vagina has a self-cleansing system and does not need anything extra. When discussing intimate wash, it is mainly for your vulva, and it should only be used for your vulva.

You wash every area of your body, so it makes sense to use a feminine wash, right? After all, the skin of your face is more sensitive than that of your body, which is why face washes differ in formulations. The genitalia’s skin is quite sensitive, so it makes sense to use products specifically for that area. For those reasons and many others, some prefer genital wash products.

Although mild soap and water can work just fine for cleansing your vulva, you may want something more on days when you sweat heavier, on your cycles, or perhaps, when on the go. In that case, check out these 10 best intimate washes to prolong freshness.

A Look at The Best Intimate Washes

These intimate washes work well, but they’re not a substitute for good feminine hygiene. Now, let’s get into what you came here for, the best intimate washes.

Always Cleanse Sensitive Wash

Always Cleanse Sensitive Wash

Fragrance-free ✓

Alcohol-free ✓

This is one of the best intimate washes and it had to be on this list. It comes in a thick clear gel-like consistency, spreads easily, and lathers extremely well. In addition to being gentle, it is also affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank with this one.

Frank Body “Can I talk to you in private, please?.”

Fragrance-free ✓

Soap-free ✓

Looking for a feminine wash that you can use on your full body? Well, this is perfect for that. You don’t need to purchase different products because this body wash is pH-balanced and gentle enough for the vulva. With this intimate wash, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the ingredients are clean. It is also free of sulfates, fragrances, and phthalates.

Good Clean Love Balance Feminine Wash

Fragrance-free ✓

Gynecologist recommended ✓

The gynecologist-recommended formulation is gentle, helping cleanse and calm with ingredients, such as aloe and calendula. There are no artificial fragrances, which is perfect because you don’t want irritants near your intimate area. This feminine wash will remove oil and dirt while leaving you moisturized.

L. Foam Wash

Period Care

Fragrance-free ✓

Dermatologist tested ✓

Everyone who has experienced a menstrual cycle understands that there can be a slight metallic odor. It is blood after all, and the metallic smell is because of the iron in the blood. This is normal because the uterine lining is shedding, bacteria exit, and the vagina has moderate acidity. Normally, this is not perceivable to others, and changing your hygiene products often minimizes the odor. However, if this is bothersome to you, you can use the L. Foam Wash during your cycle to stay fresh longer. This is still intended to only cleanse the vulva, and not the vagina.

Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser

Fragrance-free ✓

Gynecologist-approved ✓

Just finished a heavy workout and want a thorough clean? This product is perfect for the external genitalia. It has an acidic pH, so it will gently clean without wreaking havoc on your natural vaginal flora. Asides from this formulation being gentle, a little goes a long way. Oh, and there are no artificial fragrances or dyes!

Monistat Maintain Feminine Cleanser

Fragrance-free ✓

Gynecologist tested ✓

Feminine hygiene practices, such as wearing breathable clothing and using genitalia-friendly products can prevent unpleasant odors. If you already do all of this and maybe sweat heavier than others, this feminine cleanser may be exactly what you need.

The formulation contains boric acid, which is a weak acid that has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Some healthcare professionals use it as a treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV) and azole-resistant yeast. While boric acid is helpful for odor, you should also note that it doesn’t discriminate between good and bad bacteria. It acts as an antiseptic and kills them all, which can lead to dryness. Limit the amount of time you use or consult with a healthcare professional before using boric acid-containing products.

SweetSpot Labs pH Balancing Full-Body Cleanser

Fragrance-free ✓

Clean ingredients ✓

Shea butter and aloe vera are some of the ingredients you’ll find in this cleanser. Although there are other moisturizing oils, such as jojoba and apricot, there aren’t any essential oils. This will cleanse and leave you moisturized and soft after your body care routine. Additionally, you can use it all over the body, so if you experience sensitivity all over, this might work for you.

The Honey Pot Company Sensitive Wash

Hypoallergenic ✓

Gynecologist-approved ✓

Foam gives a pampering feeling and this wash provides that experience and more. This sensitive skin wash feels amazing on the skin and is extremely gentle. It does not contain artificial ingredients. It is plant-derived and gives off a light scent.

The Honey Pot Company Soothing Wash

Hypoallergenic ✓

Gynecologist-approved ✓

With ingredients, such as aloe and colloidal oatmeal, this wash calms and helps reduce irritation. For instance, if you’re suffering from post-shave itching, this is an intimate wash you can add to your shower routine. You can keep the area cleansed, hydrated, and refreshed minus the irritation.

vH essentials Daily Feminine Wash

Gluten-free ✓

Artificial colors & dryes-free ✓

A gem in the feminine wash world. This intimate wash contains prebiotics, tea tree oil, and cranberry. Cranberry contains compounds that fight off bacteria, so it is a great ingredient to find in a feminine wash. Not only does it cleanse your intimate area, but it does it delicately.

Do You Need an Intimate Wash?

Need? no, you don’t NEED intimate washes. In fact, some professionals dismiss these products because there is a chance of vaginal infections. It is near the vagina, so as with anything, make note of the ingredients. However, if you WANT to add an intimate wash to your hygiene routine, opt for fragrance-free and hypoallergic formulations.

Final Thoughts on Intimate Washes

There is nothing worse than spending money on a product just to experience additional problems or issues you’ve never had previously. So, choosing the right product is vital when shopping for intimate washes. This will be used in a delicate area; therefore, gentle formulations are a must.

Remember, the vagina is not meant to smell like fruits, flowers, or other socially acceptable scents. Fragrances are a huge preference for some in their body care products. However, when it comes to your feminine care essentials, the simpler, the better.

When in doubt, visit your healthcare professional for the best advice.