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Your holidays are a time to rest and relax. Unfortunately, it can also be stressful when not planned correctly. Whether traveling for a weekend or a month, a holiday packing list is a must.

To avoid forgetting important items, consider a holiday travel packing list. By using this method, you can prioritize items you need to avoid spending unnecessary money. These checklists could also make a great addition to your scrapbooks.

The downloadable holiday packing list template below will provide you with ideas for your upcoming trips. The blank template can be customized for a summer holiday packing list or a ski holiday packing list.

Here are some essentials you need in your holiday packing list:

Holiday Packing List Necessities

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen and it’s always better to be prepared. However minor, you might need a first aid kit

Hand Sanitizer

These can come in handy in so many places. Surfaces can be can carry a lot of germs, including those door handles. Make sure to carry hand sanitizer when exploring during your trip.

Contact Lenses

Don’t forget your lens as well as the cleaning solution. 

Prescription Medications

Barely anyone likes medications, so they can be easily forgotten. You need them, so these should be placed on your list prior to traveling. An organization kit would make a good addition.

Prescription Glasses

If you want to enjoy your vacation, these will be needed. Your camera can take great shots of your excursion, but seeing it in the present time can be much better.

OTC Medications

Make sure to grab some over-the-counter medications as well. If you have motion sickness or allergies, pack the necessary medications prior to your trip.

Insect Repellent

Insects can make you sick, cause allergic reactions and leave scarring from their bite marks. Protect yourself and your health by making an insect repellent part of your packing list. 

Holiday Packing List Clothing


You cannot go wrong with some graphic or plain T-shirts. They can go with a lot of different outfits or even go underneath your clothes.

Casual Shirts/Blouses

Not sure what you will be doing on your trip? Add some casual shirts that can be worn for various occasions.


Depending on the season, you will most likely need these. You might even need them for your summer holidays due to weather changes at night in certain locations.


If you are traveling for weeks, make sure you have enough to last for your entire trip. Consider some matching sets that will be great for lounge purposes as well.


Thigh-highs, over the knees, mid-calf, invisible –pack them all!! Or you could plan your outfits ahead of traveling & pack the specific socks you need.


They can be dressed up or dressed down. Grab a few different colors & patterns for your trip.


Show off those beautiful legs. There are many different types of shorts you can choose from, widening your outfit options for your trip.

Jean Pants/Leggings

These two items can make so many great outfit options. Whether your leggings are for athletic or for casual wear, you need to put these two items on your checklist.


Comfortability is key, even on a trip. These clothing pieces are extremely comfortable and can make great statement outfits if paired with the right items.


These can change an outfit completely. They can also be used to accentuate your waist on a dress or make a fashionable piece for your dress pants.


If you are packing for a summer holiday, you cannot go wrong with a beach hat. Are you already envisioning those pictures? If you are not a fan of beach hats, baseball & bucket hats are great options.


Just slide your feet in and you are good to go. These are perfect for your summer vacations. You can also consider bedroom slides for long trips.

Heels/Dress shoes

You might have a few events that may make you want to bring these babies out. Pack one or as many as you think you might need for your trip.


They are great for daily activities. Just like slides, they can be so comfortable to have on your trip. If you will be walking a lot and looking for sneakers that provide comfort, these Brooks Adrenaline GTS are for you. 

Holiday packing List Toiletries


You use them daily, so sometimes you may want to pack them after using them the day of your trip. Get a kit organizer or make sure to have your checklist ready on that day, so you won’t miss them.


With all the fun you will be having, dry shampoo may not be enough. Pack some travel-size shampoo/conditioners.

Body Wash/Soap/Loofah

Those hotel soaps won’t last long depending on the duration of your stay. Pack a moisturizing body wash and/or bar soap depending on your preference. Try travel toiletry bottles for trips that do not require a checked bag. 

Skincare Products

This will be your face wash, toner, sheet masks, moisturizer, and anything you use for your skincare routine. Let’s keep that skin flawless while traveling. Here is a travel-size skincare set recommendation.


There are different options to choose from these days. Sensitive skin, scentless, and various fragrant options. Have your pick and check it off your list.

Body Lotion

Your skin should not look parched on your holiday, so don’t forget a body moisturizer.


Packing your own towels is always the safest option. Consider disposable bath towels if you are packing light for your trip. 

Biodegradable Face Towels

They are better for your skin. If you are slowly moving away from face cloths, these face towels are a good idea. Buying a pack or a few when you travel will be beneficial.

Razor/Shaving Cream

If shaving is your preference, make sure to check these two items off your checklist prior to leaving for your trip. Combine the Fusion Razor with this shaving cream for a comfortable shave. 

You can also invest in an epilator to make hair removal easier during your trip. 

Makeup/Makeup Remover

Consider a makeup bag for your makeup items to stay organized and only pack what you will need. Also, pack some travel-size makeup removers

Body Care Products

Your bath bombs and body scrubs do not have to stay home. You can bring them along on your trip. Consider a toiletry bag to keep everything organized. 


You probably already smell great after that shower you had, but don’t forget to add your favorite scent to your checklist. A compliment-getter summer/winter fragrance recommendation would be the Ariana Grande Cloud.


Protect your skin by adding this to your list. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen can be applied throughout the year. So, if your holiday trip involves the snow or the sun, body & face sunscreen should still be on your list.

Body Glow Oil

If you are going for a glowing, shimmery bronzy summer look, consider adding a body luminizer to your list right now.

Handheld Mirror

These are handy for different occasions, whether you want to make sure your makeup is in place or that you don’t have any food crumbs on your lips. A compact mirror for your purse will be useful during your trip.

Lip Balm/Lip Gloss

Keep your lips moisturized and shined with either option. This lip balm is definitely worth all the hype and is worth a try. If you prefer noticeably glazed lips, this lip gloss is for you. 



When rushing the day of your trip, a phone can be left behind. Look at your checklist prior to leaving to make sure you have your phone.


If you are going on a work trip, you might not want to forget these items. Most things are technology-based these days for easier access. Make sure to place them on your checklist.


Capture the memories with your camera. A great compact option would be the Canon PowerShot Camera.  Instant polaroid cameras are also a great option for immediate prints.

Fitness Tracker

Count those steps and sleep patterns while on your trip. If you are on the hunt for one, this Fitbit model is a great starter option.


Your charger may let you down the day you arrive at your destination. Make sure to pack your chargers, but also consider backups. Grab an electronic bag to keep all your chargers in one place.


Listen to your favorite playlist or watch a movie during your road trip (as a passenger, of course) or while waiting for your flight. An amazing noise-canceling option will be the Sony WH-1000XM4.

Portable Charger Power Bank

Power bank is a portable way to charge your phone, so you don’t have to worry about low batteries. Also, these are helpful if you experience power outages at your destination and cannot charge your device.



They are fashionable and protect your eyes from UV rays. What more can you ask for? If you are traveling to a sunny destination, sunglasses are a must-have. Below are some shape options you can choose from:


To keep the distraction and noise away, place these on your checklist

Scarf/Ties/Jewelry Pieces

They make the perfect accessories for different occasions. Keep all your jewelry in one place during your trip with an organizing kit.


Bring a book to keep you occupied during your layovers or road trips. Better yet, get a Kindle. If you don’t own one yet, this Kindle bundle will be extremely useful to avid readers.

Sleep/Eye Mask

Sleep easy and keep the lights out by bringing your eye mask on your trip.

Neck Pillows

These are great supports during flights and road trips.