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Travel handbags can be an expression of who you are. Choosing a handbag should depend on personal style, as well as versatility, but most importantly, comfort and security. Handbags are normally kept close by during trips; therefore, a well-designed handbag can further improve your travel experience.

There is a vast majority of travel handbags online. Making the right choice to secure your travel essentials is necessary for a stress-free and pleasant trip. Compiled is a list of must-have travel handbags for a smooth traveling experience.

Baggalini Avenue Tote Travel Handbag

A roomy travel handbag that can be easily secured on your suitcase handle through the installed back sleeve. This is one of the best travel handbags for ladies who prefer extra storage, style, and convenience.

This bag is machine-washable, so you worry less about acquired stains during your travel. Oftentimes, when traveling overnight, roomy handbags able to carry essentials are often preferred. This can surely be one of your handbags for traveling overseas. It offers versatility with enough zippered pockets to hold your travel necessities. In addition, the color selection and design pattern to choose from is vast. 

Pros: Machine-washable, Security features, Lightweight, Spacious

Cons: The laptop compartment can only support a 10 by 13” sized laptop.

Baggalini Calais Crossbody Bag

This bag exudes simplicity and style. If you are searching for a travel handbag with compartments, look no further. This crossbody bag has various compartments to organize all your travel needs. 

You can make traveling a stress-free experience with the RFID-protection. The Front zipped wallet compartment of the bag is equipped with radio frequency identification-blocking (RFID) technology, protecting your personal information. The straps can be adjusted, making them adaptable for different functionalities.

Pros: Water-resistant, RFID-protection, Adjustable straps, Lightweight

Cons: No color options.

Michael Kors Kenly Tote Bag

The beauty of this purse speaks for itself. Aside from the patterns with colored accents to choose from, this bag is large enough to carry your travel items.

It can also be used as a stylish purse during your outings on your travel. It features a shoulder strap, a sturdy design, a roomy interior, and an appreciable size. If you are looking to make your travel bag a statement piece, this is for you.

Pros: Stylish, Roomy, Vast color range

Cons: No top zippers to completely seal the bag, but has a magnetic lock system.

Sherpani Vale AT Crossbody Tote

A stylish travel purse that also offers the protection you need while traveling. This is a multifunctional bag that can be used for your daily activities during your travel or after your travels. 

It features various colors to match your preferred aesthetic. Aside from visual satisfaction, it also can satisfy your safety needs when traveling. It is lightweight with ample storage and has anti-theft security measures, such as RFID protection, a chair-lock mechanism, and anti-slash fabric lined on the bottom.

Pros: Multi-functional, Security features, Lifetime warranty

Cons: Laptop/Tablet size must be 10inch to fit into the bag.

S-Zone Soft Leather Backpack

Comfort can be checked off your list with this backpack. This is one of the leather travel handbags you need in your collection if this material is a favorite of yours. You don’t necessarily need to be a leather collector to love this bag. With a sleek appearance, detailed polishing, and amazing craftsmanship, you can count on the durability of this bag. 

The top handle is well-secured for handling, and it has compartments for a 13inch laptop or iPad and travel necessities, with consideration to bearable weight. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including black, blue, brown, gray, and wine red.

Pros: Soft, Roomy, Multi-pocketed

Cons: Possible leather smell that might need to be aired out upon receipt.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

Many Travelon handbags offer a security system able to protect your sensitive information during your travel. This is another bag of theirs that offers built-in anti-theft security measures, such as RFID-blocking, straps with slash resistance, patented locking compartments & lockdown straps, and zippered pockets. 

Your airport experience can also have you dehydrated and fatigued. This bag can help, as it is one of the travel handbags with water bottle holder fashioned on both sides. This is a lightweight capacity bag able to fit your travel necessities.

Pros: Water bottle holder, Anti-theft security, Adjustable straps

Cons: Small—for lightweight needs.