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The recommended cleaning process for the ears only involves the outer ear and its surroundings. Q-tips or earwax removal kits should be avoided when cleaning baby ears. Inserting pointy objects to clean your baby’s ears can be harmful, so learning how to clean baby ears safely is vital. The insertion of objects can lead to injury, so if you notice your baby tugging at their ears or expressing forms of discomfort, it is best to visit a physician. 

The skin of your ear canal sheds periodically. This process pushes the earwax outward. Earwax moisturizes and protects the eardrums from potential infections. It also keeps irritants, such as foreign particles away from the ear canal. Earwax impaction can occur through the insertion of objects and fingers into the ear. It can also occur through excessive earwax production. These cleaning methods can teach you how to clean baby ears safely and properly at home.

Items Needed

  1. Baby Washcloth
  2. Basin (Optional)
  3. Cotton Swab (Optional)

Step 1

Wet the washcloth in a basin filled with warm water and wring out the excess water. You can wet the cloth with flowing warm sink water as well. 

Water should not be dripping out of the washcloth as you want to avoid introducing this into the ear canal during the cleaning process. 

Step 2

Check the temperature of the washcloth to ensure it is not too hot for your baby. Gently wipe the crevices of the external ear, surrounding areas, and behind the ears.

cotton swab can be inserted into warm water & used to clean the external ear if you prefer it over a washcloth. The cotton swab should not be introduced into the ear.

Step 3

Use a different side of your washcloth or replace it prior to utilizing it on the other ear. The same precaution should be employed with cotton swabs.

Step 4

You can perform all of the above steps after bathing your baby. The warm water can soften the earwax and this can push it out towards the crevice of the external ear for proper cleaning.