Pilates has been all the buzz thanks to social media, although this is not a new workout form. If you’ve come around to trying Pilates, starting with the beginner series is ideal. Trying Pilates for beginners at home videos is a great approach. This helps you understand the standard moves, alternatives, and the correct form.

As a beginner, you need to understand the flow of your workout. Home workouts are much more accessible and help you familiarize yourself with the structure to be comfortable with each move. Though it seems simple, Pilates can be quite challenging and confusing when you don’t take your time with the practice. To help you get started, here are 8 best Pilates for beginners at home videos.

What is Pilates?

Named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, this training style was developed in the 1920s. It was used as a physical rehabilitation technique for injured soldiers in the first world war. Since then, there have been different versions of the practice accessible to everyone.

Pilates incorporates precise body movements focusing on core strength, flexibility, and controlled breathing. The movements are specific, slow, and controlled. Additionally, posture and alignment are also elements that Pilates focuses on. Therefore, Pilates workouts for beginners at home aim to reinforce those elements early to create effective functional movements.

It connects movements to each body part with different variations and steady form. Different types of Pilates exist, such as mat Pilates and Pilates reformer. All forms of Pilates exercises provide a good workout but can also serve as a great foundation for other types of workouts.

A solid core or core strengthening is one of the main benefits of Pilates. The core muscle encompasses more than just abdominal muscles. The core also includes back muscles. The name ‘core’ describes its purpose because it connects the upper & lower body. Excellent core strength can improve daily activities and support other muscle groups.

Best YouTube Pilates for Beginners

Asides from getting Pilates for beginners at home free of charge, there are other benefits when you start with YouTube videos. You’ll be in your comfort zone, have access to different instructors, and learn at your own pace.

If you can’t attend a Pilates studio, you can still get an effective workout with Pilates exercises for beginners at home. Breathwork and body alignment are essential parts of Pilates workouts. The beginner series makes sure to introduce them in a comprehensible way.

Although Pilates uses various apparatuses, most beginner series focus on mastering movements before incorporating equipment. So, all you’ll need as a beginner is your workout apparel, a bottle of water to hydrate, and a mat for support.

1| Blogilates

This is an older video of Cassey, but it will help you understand posture, balance, and alignment.

Cassey Ho is a Pilates mat and reformer instructor offering different ranges of exercises. She is highly encouraging in her videos and has a playlist to keep you going. She also creates monthly calendars with challenges to motivate and keep you on track.

She focuses on body positivity and is very transparent about her journey. She talks to you during the workouts if that is something you appreciate. Her upbeat personality makes you feel like you are working out with a friend.

2| Flow with Mira

There is no music in this 30-minute Pilates workout for beginners. Those who prefer follow-along instructions with a quiet background will enjoy this incredible workout.

Mira has precise workouts that are easy to follow. Her routines are engaging and incorporate various muscle groups. In addition, her workouts are diverse and target different body parts.

3| IsaWelly

This 20-minute pilates workout for beginners has meaningful movements, great techniques, and helpful advice.

Isa Welly is a registered nutritional therapist and wellness coach. You will receive helpful tips from her videos. Each movement is precise, and you will indeed feel each muscle group working when done correctly. She focuses on strength, flexibility, nutrition, and a lot more. Her efficient workouts and infectious energy will keep you tuned.

4| Jessica Valant Pilates

Want variations in your workout? You’ll find many in this Pilates for Beginners video.

Jessica’s channel is educational and extremely helpful. Most of her workout videos range between 10-20 minutes. Her Pilate routines encompass safe but challenging moves. 

As a physical therapist and Pilates instructor, she can safely guide you through each exercise routine. She also features various videos targeted at recovery after injury/surgery.  

5| Margaret Elizabeth

As a certified Pilates instructor, Margaret provides detailed instructions in her videos.

She has a wide range of Pilates workouts. She also incorporates different types of equipment in some of her workouts for those who prefer the addition.

6| Move with Nicole

Nicole McPherson presents classical mat Pilate exercises with a deep focus on form and technique.

She is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. She demonstrates different moves that target specific body parts. She includes soothing background music. There are tips throughout her videos that teach you controlled breathing. She also offers weekly plans to help guide you.

7| Nathalie Shanti

Scenic views and Pilates are two beautiful things to enjoy together. Nathalie takes you on the journey with her calming voice. She is descriptive with each move and demonstrates proper body alignment.

She takes her time with each movement. She also has different variations of Pilates and offers some Yoga-Pilates fusion. Her videos are of great length and can surely provide a complete workout.

8| Sanne Vloet

Although this isn’t titled for beginners, the flow is gentle enough for beginners to follow through. Sanne gives clear instructions that you can follow to get an effective workout.

She is a certified Pilates trainer focusing on posture and body awareness throughout her routines. The Pilates routines are low-impact; however, they are still challenging.

Final Thoughts

Pilates is an excellent way to tone your muscles and focus on the smaller muscle groups with isolated exercises. As a beginner, you should focus on the foundations of Pilates exercises.

Ensuring you have the correct posture, alignment, and breathwork during your routine eliminates the chances of injuries during your workout. Additionally, mastering the best form for different exercises gives you the best results.

The beginner series introduces you to the correct form and helps you modify exercise routines. It is okay to feel lost, even with the beginner versions, so give yourself some grace as you go through this journey.

Pilates is a beautiful form of exercise that you can customize to your lifestyle. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll find a Pilates routine that you’ll enjoy. Give it a try!