The nature of a relationship can only truly be defined by the people engaging in such a commitment. Red flags in a relationship with a woman that is using you are not often easily discovered when your perspective is distorted by lies, lust, and blinded love.

Connection is an important component of thriving relationships. A true bond reinforces the foundation of relationships and also creates a balance within. The connection and bond often seen with loving partners cannot be formed in a relationship deeply rooted in personal gain. If you can’t connect, look for these discussed red flags in a relationship with a woman that might be using you. 

What Is a Red Flag In a Relationship?

Before signing an important document, you are usually asked to agree to the terms and conditions. Relationships may not be initiated with pages of specific conditions to abide by, but there are unwritten rules.

Doing right by your partner normally comes easily with a truly established connection. Your emotional connection, attachment, and bond become your moral compass. In a relationship in which opportunism is the sole goal, that moral compass is often nonexistent. 

The red flags in a person that is using you are not always obvious but can be slowly detected through body language and behaviors throughout the relationship. This article highlights 8 common red flags in a relationship with a woman that has opportunistic tendencies

Absent And/or Scarce Reciprocity

Relationships may require healthy compromises to provide balance and effective problem-solving. This mutual agreement allows individuals involved in relationships to see from one another’s perspectives. 

In a relationship where your partner may be taking advantage of you, they will be unwilling to reach a mutual goal, by refusing to compromise. If this is your situation, you may constantly make sacrifices in your relationship and your partner could care less about the emotional effects. 

“me, me, me” -It is always about them, regardless of the situation. There is little or no attempt on your partner’s end to come to an agreement that may inconvenience them.

Condition-Driven Affection

Signs of red flag in a relationship in which you are being used might involve emotional manipulation. Is your partner only loving towards you when her wants/needs are fulfilled? –This is a red flag demonstrating that the happiness in your relationship is only dependent on her desires being met. 

This is extremely manipulative and a way to take advantage because you will only receive affection from your partner when you offer them what they want. You will slowly become conditioned to your partner’s demands and often submit to her rules because you crave intimacy. 

Your relationship bliss becomes solely dependent on your partner’s happiness. If you are the giving partner, you will most often be emotionally & physically drained from this type of relationship. Affection based on conditions is often duplicitous and not a sign of a loving relationship.

Financially Inconsiderate

red flags in a relationship with a woman that is using you financially

As much as many people refute this, finances are a major component of relationships. Conversations surrounding this topic can be healthy for many relationships. 

In this instance, your partner is only interested in spending your money and oftentimes only has an interest in high-value items and/or activities. These types of situations will often reveal your partner’s true intentions, especially when you ask them for a favor involving money. Regardless of their financial comfort, your partner will never be willing to help you financially.

Their only goal is to profit from what you can offer without any personal financial investments.

Hyper-focused On Price Tags

A common example would be partners who complain about the cost of gifts. People gift in their relationships for various reasons. This could be a way to demonstrate love and affection. 

Gift-giving can also be your partner’s love language. Gifts can be meaningful; therefore, a high price tag should not be a requirement. When you gift your partner and she becomes focused on the price, rather than the symbolic value of the gift, you might be dealing with an opportunistic individual. 

In these types of situations, the partner taking advantage places no value on their gifts to you and may go as far as never gifting you.

Intentional Repetitive Deleterious Patterns

red flags in a relationship with a woman that might be using you can present as cheating

People tend to replicate behaviors harmful to others, but favorable to themselves when they find out there are no repercussions. This is especially prominent in one-sided relationships. 

Your partner will only engage in behaviors detrimental to you if you allow it. These harmful acts can start with lies to see how much they can get away with, and soon after, these partners become extremely cunning with their actions. 

An example of these types of situations can involve a cheating partner. A partner that is forgiven for cheating, but continuously cheats knowing the pain it causes for their significant other has opportunistic tendencies.

Sporadic Emotional Investment

Although not always the case, emotional unavailability can present in opportunistic situations. Your partner will consciously attempt to direct attention away from bond-forming conversations. Your conversations will often be superficial, and your partner may be unbothered by your concerns. 

In this situation, they often are not emotionally invested in knowing you on a deeper level. The only time these types of individuals demonstrate any emotion will be in situations benefitting them at your expense.

Transactional Conversations

These types of communications are often solely focused on an exchange element. It can be beneficial when both partners in the relationship are getting their needs met but oftentimes does not encourage true intimacy. 

You are dealing with transactional conversations when the focus of the conversation always leads to giving to your partner under certain terms. For example, “I will provide this sexual favor if you buy me that purse.”

It becomes a cycle where your partner eventually demands exchanges that are not valuable to you. These transactional conversations discourage relationship-building; therefore, there are no connections formed. 

If you are in a relationship and seeking to build a stronger bond, engaging with opportunistic individuals with this transactional mindset becomes confusing. It can create detrimental expectations on your end because your needs and wants will always go unnoticed.

Questionable Detachment

In a parasitic relationship, where you are being used, your partner will suddenly distance themselves when you no longer provide anything beneficial to them. 

You may notice your partner distancing in an emotionally unstable period of your life or any situation in which you require support. The partner taking advantage may make up excuses and lies to detach themselves from situations in which you need them. 

They may try to make their way back into your life when you regain stability in a way that can serve them.