Building a healthy relationship with self is finding out things to love about yourself. Many people engage in altruistic behavior due to underlying genuine concern for others, but oftentimes shift away from such empathy when it relates to themselves.

Disengaging from unhealthy relationships also includes separation from the negative thoughts of self. To build a pure positive relationship with yourself, you will need to engage in self-serving behaviors. A relationship with yourself called self-love includes many facets that will be delved into in this article.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for how you would want to be treated by others. When you nurture a positive unselfish relationship with yourself, you will radiate self-confidence, self-love, and self-respect. Your surrounding will essentially treat you the way you present yourself. If you are radiating confidence and grace, your presence will be welcomed as such.

Today’s topic will accentuate how to improve your relationship with yourself. It is a journey that will take patience, rediscovery of self, consistency, and resilience. 

Take the time to first describe your relationship with yourself. Understanding that dynamic will set a good foundation for preceding actions regarding how to cultivate & nurture a relationship with self. Embrace this journey by appreciating how to cultivate and nurture a relationship with self.

Connect With Yourself To Amplify Relationship With Self

You may have an easier time describing someone else because of the time dedicated to that specific person. You have taken the time to know people close to you, along with ways to meet their needs and wants. That same focus should be applied to you when learning about yourself.


Connecting with yourself is embodying who you are and being self-aware. Discover what it means to fall in love with yourself and to uncover emotional stability when it comes to you. Learning to be vulnerable with yourself can be challenging, but it is an important step when building that personal connection.


Self-connection entails acknowledging your feelings and dealing with them in a positive manner. Explore your inner thoughts and desires through journaling and meditation.

Cut Out Toxicity

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will have during your lifetime. When you treat yourself with care, it becomes the standard in your life. Your surrounding will have those sets of standards when approaching you. It creates a positive balance when it comes to the way you live your life.

To cut out toxicity, you will have to set expectations that will detach you from physical and emotional harm. You could be the one placing yourself in situations detrimental to your physical, emotional, and mental health or you may have someone in your life doing so. Take steps in detaching from self-destructive behaviors and toxic individuals.

Step away from comparing yourself to others and enjoy what you have accomplished. Nothing should ever be seen as too little. Once you observe yourself in a positive light and dissociate from those that belittle your efforts, you will feel a weight lifted.

Find Your Hobbies & Things To Love About Yourself

Activities you find enjoyable can have a great impact on your life. By engaging in things that make you happy, you are placing significance on your interests. Having a hobby is stress relieving and a great way to gain more knowledge in different areas.

You may have held interests in a particular area but felt too scared to get started. Developing the courage to start a hobby will allow you to discover a new side of yourself. This is a huge part of building a relationship with yourself.

Taking a step away from the busy world and being able to be alone with something you enjoy will create space for you to admire who you are as a person. This might also be a much-needed mental break you did not think you needed.

Let Go Of Self-Doubt To Embrace Relationship With Self

Self-doubt robs of opportunities and deters confidence. It also stops you from discovering your strengths and weaknesses. If you never allow yourself to discover these things, it is unlikely you truly know who you are.  

Self-doubt becomes a wall preventing you to break through and discover the other side of you. When you give yourself a chance to discover more, you will be able to truly observe what it is you are interested in.

Start by incorporating positive affirmations into your life. Telling yourself you are enough and able to accomplish your goals can be a contributing factor in eliminating self-doubt in your life.

Let Things Flow

When in the discovery of self, you will need to live life as is. Stop trying to control things that are outside of your reach. When you allow yourself to truly let life direct you, it becomes more blissful.

You will notice a shift in your life when you stop trying to control the outcome of everything. Focus on one thing at a time. This avoids stress and can reduce the anxiety you experience in your daily life.

You are trying to build and nurture a relationship with yourself, which needs to be a healthy one. By freely living life, you are opening yourself to different possibilities. It will take you in a direction that sets you on a path to growth and self-discovery.

Engage In Self-Care To Promote Healthy Relationship With Self


Taking care of yourself in every sense of the word is an active step in nurturing a relationship with yourself. You will be promoting emotional, mental, and physical well-being by finding ways to cope with your daily stressors.

This is a way to create a balance and invite relaxation into your life. When your thoughts are crowded and you don’t prioritize your needs, your routines become mundane and your relationship with yourself becomes nonexistent.

Find areas in which you may need to employ self-care for it to be effective. Self-care can be at the workplace, at home, or in your environment. Find happiness in what you do for yourself. It will give you an opportunity to enjoy the time you dedicate to yourself.

Stop Judging Yourself

One great way to make this exercise efficient is to ask yourself: “Would I treat others the way I treat myself?”. If you cannot fathom the thoughts of thinking, talking, and treating others the way you treat yourself, then it is time for a change.

You can be your own biggest critique at times. If these criticisms are not constructive, keep them at bay. Be considerate and respectful of your feelings. Be able to gracefully accept the steps you make in life whether it leads you to success or failure. Take each failure as an opportunity for growth and knowledge.

Self-judgments can be a product of something deeper. This may have been brought into your present life from your past. Appropriately target the root of this to properly heal.