What does it take to reach your intrinsic pedestal? –This is a level within reach but attainable by those that discover a certain depth of womanhood and embrace the positive qualities that define its mystery. There are layers to womanhood, which is why each woman can be perceived differently by others based on how they own & express their muliebrity.  To understand this is to embrace the qualities of a high value woman.

High-value qualities are shaped by habits and specific characteristics. Value can be highly influenced and shaped throughout life, but most importantly learned. The key to a high-value lifestyle is your desire to elevate and reach your higher self. The positive attributes of a high-value woman are primarily acquired within and exuded to surroundings through aura, a set of actions and behaviors.

Self-improvement is a healing element in many aspects of life. It is also crucial when becoming a high-value woman because these personal growths take you to new heights. The character of a high-value woman extends beyond what she can offer herself, but also rests in her contribution to society and personal relationships. The latter is displayed effortlessly by knowing how to become the embodiment of a high value woman. 

Adopt An Inviting Attitude

attribute of a high value woman: nice attitude

Being a mean girl does not demonstrate high-value behavior. Some people often confuse insolence with confidence.

For some, displaying an intimidating attitude is a way to guard and protect their feelings. They don’t want to feel belittled; therefore, they exert dominance by displaying anger, aggression, and disrespect toward others. A high value woman does not need to assert her worth through negative channels.

When you have an inviting attitude, you are approached differently. When placed in hostile situations, you respond with poise. A high value woman walks away from situations causing unrest and can communicate with others without disrespect.

A High Value Woman Is Happy Alone

a high value woman can be happy alone

Find happiness in yourself and not within the company of others. This expresses independence and communicates that you do not base your worth solely on being around others.

Social interaction can be fulfilling, but should not be used as an emotional crutch. In other words, a high value woman doesn’t chase happiness through others &  does not let the lack of those interactions become an impediment to her being.

Take the time to appreciate your qualities and how they have positively shaped your life. For instance,  self-compassion can bring inner value. Your compassion entails understanding time alone as quality time with yourself, not loneliness.

Clean Appearance & Care for Hygiene

high value woman cares for her appearance

This is not a highlight of the idealized subjective version of physical appearance based on ever-changing societal norms. Habits of a high value woman include care for their personal well-being, which will include hygiene.

Be authentic in developing what you deem as beautiful and find joy in communicating that outwardly. When you present yourself properly respective of different occasions, you are communicating how you view yourself.

How you portray yourself can be highly fortified by your mindset, outward appearance, and hygiene. Taking care of yourself shows the value you have for yourself.

Healthy Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Accepting and dealing with your emotions, as well as identifying & being cognizant of the emotions of others is recognized as emotional intelligence. Your emotions can direct your actions, but you choose whether that is in a positive or negative manner.

When you possess high value woman traits, you handle emotions thoughtfully and constructively. A woman with healthy EQ is supportive and empathetic towards herself and others.

Mastering healthy emotional intelligence allows you to build yourself and have a lucid view of how you are perceived by others. A healthy EQ gives you the ability to handle and respond to situations with class and grace.

A High Value Woman Never Accepts the Bare Minimum

do not settle for less as a high value woman

Why is accepting the bare minimum not a behavior of a high value woman? –It shows a lack of assertiveness, a decline in self-worth, and a need for validation. This applies throughout your life whether that is your relationship or your career.

You should always see yourself in high regard. Knowing your worth will exclude you from ever being in a situation where you must settle.

Come up with a set of high value woman affirmations that can serve your purpose. Ask yourself some difficult questions to see why you are limiting yourself. Self-reflection and assessment are helpful practices when setting higher standards for yourself.

Practice Selective Conformity

Conformity can be classified as negative or positive depending on the context and situation. Generally, conformity becomes dangerous when it shifts you away from your positive high value character traits.

Erasing your identity to conform is a negative outlook on your value as a woman because it attaches your worth to outside factors. You no longer are in control of the situations directing your behaviors, but rather become a marionette of your conforming behaviors.

Practicing selective conformity means associating with peers that bring the best out of you. Your social group should inspire you to want better and strive for the goals you set for yourself. This should not shift your personality nor should it transform you into something you do not want to become if you associate with those who hold similar values as you. 

A high Value Woman Refrains From Faltering Under Pressure

Standing for what you believe in regardless of underlying pressures is respectable. You are irreplaceable in different areas of your life, but first, you will have to believe that yourself.

Confidence is self-assurance and speaking up for your beliefs asserts that. This will show through your body language, your mannerism, and your action. Remember that confidence is not arrogance and true confidence shines through calmly.

When you show that you will not be pushed over, you command respect and are more likely to be taken seriously. A high value woman possesses this quality and walks with her head held high knowing she will not waver when faced with adversity.

Maintain Slight Secrecy

This does not equate to emotional unavailability. There are just some aspects of your life only known to you that need to be kept private. Another sign of a high value woman is her ability to sustain silence. What this means is being able to respectfully ignore situations & conversations demanding contents of your life you deem personal.

We live in an era where there is a need to publicly announce everything on social media. Divulging every single detail about yourself to the public slowly takes away from your mystery as a woman. This mystery is what adds to your allure as a woman.