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Does it seem like your skin is angry regardless of what you use? You are experiencing skin sensitivity, which is a skin concern that affects all skin types. Therefore, whether you have oily, combination, or dry skin, this is something that can still occur. Unfortunately, no skin type is safe, but you can certainly do something about it, starting with reassessing the skincare products you use. A body wash for sensitive skin can be a change that your skin can benefit from long-term.

There is available body skincare that caters to sensitive skin. It can be a struggle to find a product that works for you. For your skin to flourish, there are ingredients to avoid in your body skincare. If you are having trouble finding a body wash that caters to your sensitive skin, keep reading. This article rounded up the best choices of body wash for sensitive skin.

Do You Have Sensitive or Sensitized Skin?

There are a lot of people who believe their skin is sensitive. However, a number of them are experiencing sensitized skin. The distinction between the two is often not clear, so everyone chugs it up to having sensitive skin. So, what is the difference?

Sensitive skin has a genetic component and those who experience it are more reactive. This means that their skin is easily triggered by allergens, irritants, or any other inflammatory agents. The protective barrier of the skin, which is the epidermis is usually thinner in those with sensitive skin. Although you can determine skin sensitivity by tracing it back to childhood, age can also contribute to sensitive skin. As you age, the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) thins out, leaving you vulnerable to sensitivity.

On the other hand, sensitized skin is developed over time due to triggers, such as stress, lifestyle, medications side effects, and environmental factors. The most prominent cause of sensitized skin often experienced is the use of harsh skincare products. Those with sensitized skin often suffer from a compromised skin barrier. Repeated exposure to certain elements, especially aggressive skincare products can be damaging to barrier function.

Body Wash Choices

Now, that you know the difference between the two, let’s move on to the treatment techniques. Those suffering from truly sensitive skin require management. Therefore, choose products that specifically address sensitive skin without irritation.

People who develop sensitized skin can benefit from sensitive-skin products that help restore skin barrier function. Whether you’re managing sensitive skin or healing sensitized skin, simple and gentle formulations are less likely to cause a reaction. Simple formulations don’t need to be boring, so you can relax knowing you will still enjoy your shower experience with these moisturizing body wash for sensitive skin options.

Ceramedx Extra Gentle Body Cleanser

The Ceramedx cleanser is a gentle choice to cleanse the skin, but also moisturize. It contains sunflower seed oil, which is a plant-derived oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, all helpful for irritation. Additionally, it has soybean oil, which boosts moisture beneficial for sensitive skin. Other moisture-boosting ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid ensures the skin maintains its glow after the shower.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Ceramide NP, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol


Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash

A dermatologist recommended body wash for sensitive skin, this fragrance, and dye-free formulation helps soothe itchy and dry skin. if you’re suffering from itchy irritated skin, this body wash will be useful with its gentle ingredients. The added omega oils ensure your skin is cleansed without being deprived of its natural moisture.

Key ingredients: Castor Seed Oil, Soybean Oil


Hempz Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Free of artificial dyes and fragrances, this body wash cleanses without stripping. The shea butter and mango fruit extract help hydrate your skin. After your shower, your skin will be left soft and supple. So, it is a perfect choice for those searching for a body wash for dry sensitive skin. The addition of the oat kernel flour and extract helps soothe and protect irritated skin.

Key ingredients: Tocopherol, Oat Kernel Flour & Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice, Shea Butter


Jasön Sensitive Skin Body Wash

A hypoallergenic body wash enriched with oat and aloe leaf juice. It is a great body wash for sensitive itchy skin. The oat acts as an antioxidant that nourishes and protects the skin. Additionally, oat helps moisturize the skin, reducing dryness and symptoms, such as itching. The added aloe leaf juice helps calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Oat kernel Flour, Aloe Leaf Juice, Allantoin


Naturium The Glow Getter Multi-Oil Body Wash

This wash contains different types of moisturizing oils, such as squalane and jojoba seed oil. Produced naturally by skin cells, squalane works as an anti-inflammatory, but can gradually decrease with age. One way to supplement can be through body skincare products, such as this wash. Since it naturally makes up your sebum, adding it to your skin regimen is one way to get the glow you desire. Additionally, it is an ingredient that works well for sensitive skin. Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic and works well to moisturize the skin. The combination of the two oils is a recipe for beautiful skin.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Squalane, Jojoba Seed Oil


Naturium The Soother Sensitive Skin Body Wash

This body wash is formulated with simple ingredients that balance out nicely. With skin-soothing ingredients, such as aloe leaf juice, and gentle hydrating agents, such as glycerin, it gently cleanses while promoting moisture. Additionally, it is also fragrance-free to prevent the risk of irritation.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Oat Kernel Flour, Aloe Leaf Juice


Nécessaire The Body Wash

Want a spa experience for your sensitive skin, this will do it for you. Asides from the beautiful cap-twist mechanism that makes it easy to dispense, this body wash also has nourishing ingredients. Packed with antioxidants, such as tocopherol and green tea leaf extract, this body wash not only soothes but also helps protect the skin. It has a light lather and leaves your skin silky smooth after a shower.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Niacinamide, Tocopherol


Sebamed Sensitive Skin Liquid Face and Body Wash

A head-to-toe body wash that is soap-free with the same pH as healthy skin. It also contains a form of vitamin B3, niacinamide. This formulation works well for those with sensitive skin. It is especially useful for skin concerns, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and dry skin. The downside is that it contains fragrance; therefore, if you’re looking for a fragrance-free body cleanser, this will not be for you.

Key ingredients: Vitamins B3, B5, B6, Biotin, Allantoin, Pentavitin


Shikai Daily Moisturizing Shower Gel

For those looking for a shower gel for sensitive skin, this is a great choice. It suds extremely with a lovely fragrance. If fragrance is not an irritating ingredient for you, you’ll enjoy this shower gel, as it contains other skin-beneficial formulations, such as oat and aloe gel.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Oatmeal Powder, Deodorized Aloe Gel


Vanicream Gentle Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Looking for a gentle body wash for sensitive skin? This falls right in that alley. This body wash is definitely the definition of less is more. The ingredient list is short and simple, which makes it amazing for sensitive skin. Equipped with mild surfactants, this wash will cleanse without stripping your skin.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Panthenol, Titanium Dioxide

Body Washes for Sensitive Skin Questions Answered

Is Body Wash Good for Sensitive Skin? – The problem is not the body wash itself, but the formulations. So, yes body wash is good for sensitive skin. However, gentle moisturizing washes free of chemical irritants and common allergens are best suited for sensitive skin. Most body washes for sensitive skin often market the words “hypoallergenic” and “anti-inflammatory”, so be on the lookout for those words.

What Body Wash Is Good Sensitive Skin? – Every skin is different, however, the body washes with gentle surfactants, soothing and moisturizing ingredients work best for sensitive skin. Some triggering ingredients to avoid are dyes, fragrances, and alcohol. It is always best to do a patch test when trying out new products.

Can I Use Shower Gel for Sensitive Skin? – Shower gels can be less moisturizing compared to body washes. However, there are hydrating shower gels for sensitive skin. The best rule of thumb for all body cleansers is to find one with ingredients that support skin barrier function.


Moisturizing body washes with sensitive skin-friendly ingredients are key. Therefore, when making your next choice, look for skin-identical ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture. Additionally, multi-functional skin-loving ingredients, such as niacinamide can help with barrier support.

The right body wash for sensitive skin can change your body skincare routine for the better. This article highlights a few that you may find useful in your routine. Keep in mind that what works for some may not work for others, which is why testing products by patch testing, even when they’re for sensitive skin is important.