A high value man develops great discernment when choosing a life partner due to traits, such as emotional availability and respect. Because you have taken the time to understand your priorities and are self-aware, you are more likely to know what you want when it comes to dating. Your perspective of the dating scene becomes eye-level with your standards, as a high value man.

Note that determining which traits are high value is subjective. This is highly dependent on whether the values you desire in dating partners are based on short-term or long-term relationship goals. However, the ability to communicate your true intentions with a partner you find desirable also separates you from the mass. You can attract like-minded women, as a high value man by exuding certain characteristics discussed in this article.

What Is a High Value Man?

Your value & self-worth are some of the driving factors for your life choices. Developing strong values paves a way for a structured meaningful way of life.  An empathetic disposition, a strong moral compass, undeniable self-esteem, and self-assurance are some of the signs of a high value man.

Your thought process and state of mind align with your actions when you live a high-quality lifestyle. A life led by a high value man has substance and depth because it surpasses superficial entities. Simply put, these men have a set of life standards that categorizes them differently compared to their male counterparts. They set expectations, which in turn welcome dating partners with similar mindsets.

High value man traits are not ephemeral when they are developed as a way of life, primarily for self-elevation and fulfillment. As a result, such men go through character development because they learn to primarily value themselves. 

Cares for His Appearance

a high value man cares about grooming

Physical self-care is an important attribute of a high value man. Investing time in your appearance is attractive. It shows that you don’t neglect basic hygiene.

The first thing people see when they meet you is your outer appearance. Your grooming habits, your sense of style, the way you smell, and the way you carry yourself are the loudest on first impressions. The charm and the personality make an appearance much later. Therefore, maintaining appearances through impeccable personal hygiene is essential.

How this helps while dating: 

Humans are visual creatures and high-value women go for men that take care of themselves. When you take care of yourself, it communicates to potential partners that you value your health and you are disciplined. A man who is well-kept and shows security in his sense of style attracts women with the same qualities. 

Ability To Enforce Boundaries

Boundaries eliminate restraints and free you from unnecessary emotional torment. You can lose your identity when you set boundaries but don’t enforce them. It translates to others that your boundaries are not important to you if you easily bend to people who challenge your boundaries. You can easily be taken advantage of in such situations.

How this helps while dating:

You are more likely to be valued when you stand by your boundaries because it shows the respect you have for yourself. Enforcing your boundaries welcome better relationships. It demonstrates assertiveness, which is a respectable trait found in a high value man.

Does Not Chase Validation

The key word here is “chase”. When you chase something, it shows that you do not want to be apart from it, which can be damaging to your self-esteem. Not outwardly chasing validation requires true established security within yourself. Your values should not be completely embedded within your assets or other external elements.

Without true internal value, you will continuously dig for validation in your relationships because of the euphoria these moments may give you. Your need for validation can be tied to self-doubt and a fragile ego.

Ask yourself questions pertaining to your life, especially your emotions and the way you communicate them. Without truly understanding this, you will bring little value when dating or in a relationship because they will be solely based on your need for validation.

How this helps while dating:

It communicates self-assurance and confidence to potential partners. As a result, you attract women who are impressed by your authenticity and not your personal possessions. 

Has Healthy Ambition & Drive

Ambition and drive are often used interchangeably but are not the same. These two concepts, however, can work great together. A high value man qualities are numerous but being driven is amongst the top ten.

A man who sets specific goals for himself and develops plans to achieve them is demonstrating responsibility, as well as ambition. Acting on those plans and reinforcing habits in favor of accomplishing your goals shows drive.

Your ambitions and drive are in consonance with one another when you have higher values. It also shows that your words have value. Ambitions with no actions are empty promises to yourself.

How this helps while dating: 

A high value man finds their purpose through their ambitions and is driven enough to work towards it. With this mindset, you place yourself in environments and situations where you can meet similar individuals, even in the dating scene. 

Develops Humility

a high value man is humble

This is an extremely attractive trait often demonstrated in a man of value. Being humble shows that you are confident in your abilities. Although you are appreciative of your achievements, they do not define you.

Your humility demonstrates value within yourself because it shows internalized joy founded on self-growth and love. Humility shows that you are not fixated on external means of happiness. In addition, it demonstrates that you are more open-minded and able to absorb helpful information from others.

How this helps while dating:

In the dating world, you allow yourself to be much more observant when you are humble. A like-minded woman will prize humility in a man because it is attributed to other positive traits, such as empathy, confidence, and self-control.

Exemplary Reputation

Your reputation can dictate how you are perceived and received by others. Sure, the opinions of others should not matter, but to a certain degree. A bad reputation is mostly a detriment to yourself. The judgment of others comes second.

A high value man cares about his reputation because it shows responsibility, trustworthiness, and creditability, which are valuable traits to possess. A bad reputation can demonstrate poor character, which in turn devalues you.

How this helps while dating:

Respectable women would not want to associate themselves with men with tainted characters. When your character is smeared with deception, you do not attract quality women. You are essentially lacking a central principle of a high value man, which is a strong sense of self. Ask yourself why you must engage in behaviors that depreciate your worth.

Strong Integrity

a high value man has integrity

Integrity is deeply rooted in your morals and values. You uphold your personal beliefs and remain true to yourself when you have integrity. Having integrity speaks about your character and how consistent you are with maintaining your own values.

You present yourself in an authentic manner when you meet others because you truly represent your values. This is a high value internal trait that is displayed to others through your honesty, which starts with yourself.

How this helps while dating: 

This is a life skill that is helpful when building different types of relationships because it encourages trust. In addition, continuously practicing integrity better equips you to develop strong relationships with others.